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    Melvin and Maxine

    After getting his Harvard law degree and license to practice Melvin moved back to Pittsburgh to work for a prestigious law firm. As he advanced within the ranks it was suggested that he put aside his philandering ways and settle down if he wanted to be considered for law partner. Being an ambitious man Melvin soon found himself married with a child on the way. He loved his family but the decision to have one was more about advancing his career than desire for love. In his elite social circle having a family was a sign of stability; even though half the married men had mistresses. Melvin was no exception. He didn’t keep a steady mistress but he certainly had his share of sporadic affairs; especially while his wife was pregnant. He kept his indiscretions compartmentalized as one of his needs that was separate from his family.


    Melvin and Maxine met at a charity ball and auction. By this time, Melvin had left his previous law firm and branched out on his own. His firm was a corporate sponsor for the event. Their efforts raised funds to support legal aid, education programs and services for the disadvantaged.

    Although Melvin was attending with Shirley his wife of 12 years, his wandering eyes could not ignore the stunning brunette with piercing blue eyes and exotic features that stood across the room. He was mesmerized by her facial beauty, and even more enthralled as he gazed upon the perfect physique beneath the form fitting gown.

    Maxine didn’t have a date that night, but that was by choice. She was the type of woman that didn’t have any trouble attracting suitors, but she was also very considerate. Knowing that she would be busy working the event as a fund-raising committee member, she didn’t want a date just standing around while she was occupied with getting people to open their wallets for the worthy cause. She also wanted to be available to talk about her art, as she had donated several original paintings to be sold at the live auction that evening.

    Melvin eventually made his way to where the silent auction items were being displayed. Maxine couldn’t help but notice him taking special interest in one of her pieces, so she took the opportunity to introduce herself. She had reasoned that he was a potential high bidder, but truth be told her interest was not entirely professional. She’d caught him watching her from across the room and there was something about him that got her attention. He was an attractive African American gentleman, impeccably dressed and obviously wealthy and accomplished. He stood about 6’4”. Maxine guessed he was likely in his early forties with the athletic build of a younger man. He had an engaging smile and gave off an air of confidence bordering on arrogance but tempered by his charismatic manner.

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    1. Great update, enjoyed it, thanks so much. Good to read more about their back story. Sorry for Kit. Melvin was quite a character in his younger days and to think, some men really do think that behavior is alright and the wife should not say a thing about it. Happy that Maxine asked for the divorce, serves him right. DOG!!! Thanks for posting.

    2. I’m a “Johnny come lately” to this specific masterpiece, Bat2012 you R so good at filling in story lines with your smooth as silk, believable writing style.

      The LWord reboot in fall 2019 needs you as one of the writers for sure!!

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