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    Tina and Helena

    Pulling back the dressing room curtain to address the sales person waiting on the other side, Helena Peabody asked if they could make a few alterations to the dress that Tina Kennard was trying on.

    “Could we have it delivered tomorrow?”

    “Of course, Ms. Peabody. No problem at all” the woman responded with her pasted on smile. Her tall stature and well-tone physique made her look more like a runway model than a sales person but she was well-trained in the art of selling and her commissions depended on up-selling and closing the deal.

    The motto at this high-end Beverly Hills boutique that catered to the wealthy was “fulfill every client’s request”. The only thing that varied was the price they paid for the services.

    “Good. We’ll take it” Helena says as she stands behind Tina and pulls on the straps at the back of the dress then reaches to the front pushing up the bodice to accentuate her pregnant lover’s ample bosom. “This is what I like” she says in her thick British accent while leering at Tina’s cleavage. She had a clear view from her vantage point over Tina’s shoulder as they faced the full-length mirror.

    Tina is slightly embarrassed by Helena’s lewdness and inappropriate public displays but more so annoyed that the Brit has totally ignored her protestations about buying such an extravagant evening gown. Tina had only agreed to try it on to humor the woman she was dating but there was no way she was going to let her buy it. Not that the billionaires couldn’t afford it. The cost equated to spare change to Helena, but for Tina it was a matter of principle.

    “Will you excuse us for a moment” Tina asked the sales woman who looks first to Helena for affirmation that she’s not about to lose the sale before she leaves closing the dressing room curtains. The cloth divider doesn’t offer any privacy from eavesdropping but the staff is well paid to be discreet and the other wealthy patrons are two self-involved to be concerned with the couple’s drama.

    Tina turns to Helena who is looking at her adoringly, walking closer and gently laying her hands on the sides of Tina’s pregnant belly. Although she was seven months, on her thin frame the prominent baby bump made her appear further along. When Helena met Tina at 14 weeks she asked if she were having twins but the sonogram test confirmed one fetus, and it was girl.

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    1. Hey Bat, so happy to see you post a new story as well as continuing with one of your ‘older’ stories. Really enjoyed reading chapter 1 and am glad to see Bette taking charge of her life and in some way standing up to Melvin. As for this chapter I really try to find something nice to say about Tina’s behavior but other than being willing to include Bette in their baby’s life – and even that has a bit of a bad taste – as it seems she is going to use Bette’s ‘commitment’ to punish her and getting her revenge. Thanks for sharing your outstanding talent with us and am looking forward to your next post.

    2. cellphone48 and as1219 – thank you both for reading and taking the time to comment. I would like to respond regarding Tina’s role in this story because I didn’t mean for this chapter to put her in a bad light. This story has nothing to do with Tina’s revenge for Bette’s cheating. They are past that at this point, and they have formed a new partnership that focuses on raising their baby together. However I didn’t want to totally ignore their past, because that will speak to how far they have come. The relationship as a couple is still fragile if you recall Season 2 when Melvin came to Los Angeles and they found out he had cancer. Tina was there for Bette throughout the entire ordeal and eventually came to her senses regarding Helena. I don’t want to give anything away but my story will veer away from S2 in the next few chapters and will be nothing like S3 after the baby is born. Thank you to everyone who’s sticking with me, As usual I do appreciate all points of view, comments, suggestions etc.

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