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    Melvin, the Philantropist

    After attending the awards dinner Melvin had expressed an interest in the workings of the West Hollywood, Family and Youth Center, but more importantly felt he could offer some expertise in expanding their community outreach to include legal-aid and financial services. He had knowledge and experience in both areas within the non-profit arena so there was no one better to give guidance.

    Once Tina was comfortable with Melvin as a changed man, she introduced him into her business world. She was employed as the Executive Director supervising the day to day operations and procuring funding for projects mainly through grants and private donations. She reported up to Oscar Vazquez the Managing Director who was fiscally responsible for the entire organization.

    Melvin accompanied Tina to the center on her last day of work before starting maternity leave, the purpose of which was to meet with Oscar, and two of the associate directors. Tina arranged for a tour of the facilities for Melvin led by Pat Jergeuns who would be covering Tina’s maternity leave and Hilma Santos who would play a key role in the outreach that Melvin was proposing. The three ended the tour at Tina’s office where she briefed her father-in-law on the merits of the campaign for quality education project for which she had secured the Peabody grant, the largest in the Peabody Foundation’s history that earned her the recognition.

    Melvin listened intently and asked thoughtful questions as Tina explained that the venture would benefit K through 6th grade kids from all socio-economic situations by putting them in a community outreach program to teach literacy and critical thinking. Being a strong advocate of quality higher education, Melvin praised Tina’s foresight in getting children into the program at an early age to set the foundation for excellence later in life.


    Oscar’s assistant buzzed Tina to let her know he was on the way, so they moved to the conference room down the hall. As they entered the room, to the left against the wall was a sideboard set up with water bottles, coffee, tea and morning snacks. Everyone helped themselves to a beverage and small snack.

    Five seats at the table had a 2-inch, three ring binder with several printed documents inserted in protective sleeves placed in front of them. Melvin nodded with a smirk when he saw the name of his law firm and the foundation printed on the title page through the clear plastic cover. In preparation for the meeting, Oscar had asked Hilma to do research on Porter, Madison & Associates and their philanthropic branch called the PMA Foundation.


    1. OK he’s growing on me!
      As you know though BAT I am acquainted with an awful lot of Lawyers! My world of Law was, of course, in the UK but ………

      I enjoyed the post but it has left me still a little anxious about his ultimate intentions – sorry :-)
      Thanks for the continuing posts BAT really enjoying them.

      • Hi SassyGran. Thank you. Glad to know he is growing on you. Don’t hold me to any of the law stuff being accurate, as I have no knowledge of it, but wanted Melvin to do something selfless. His original intension was to make up with Kit before he died, and to bring David back to her but all that changed after he found Tina pregnant. Now he wants to be a better person and have a chance at being a grandpa to Bette and Tina’s baby.

    2. Wonderful chapter, thank you very much. It is a pleasure to read something positive about Melvin and the family. Just guessing but, from reading between the lines and having clues from the story it looks as though he might have changed his mind about treatments. I won’t try to guess anymore than that but, thanks for writing him in for a little longer term than we first thought. Would love to see him turn helbitch inside out. That also means that we may get a chance to see Peggy P. show up in this story and what a meeting that would be, two old warhorses from the monied elite crossing swords. Should be very interesting. You haven’t mentioned whether they know of each other so I won’t even hazard a guess about that. Can’t remember now if it was on the show or someone’s story that they knew each other and had interactions of some sort. Anyway that should be a very interesting part of the story. So happy you’re back. Thanks for posting.

      • Hi Dainty. So glad to hear from you. You were always so intuitive about my story lines, I see that hasn’t changed. I considered Melvin and Peggy knowing each other as they would travel in the same social circle but decided against it since she and Bette are so close. However Peggy will make an appearance, and they just might join forces. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    3. Bibi28. Ha ha, not sure where the old Melvin went, but I like this new version. He’s going to do a lot of good for his family so has to stick around for a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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