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    Melvin, the Philantropist


    When he wasn’t inserting himself in Kit’s endeavors, Melvin spent time with Bette either at the West Hollywood house overseeing the final renovations or at the new gallery. Bette always suspected that her father knew more about art than he let on. How could he not considering he’d been married to a renowned artist? He accompanied her to various artists’ studios in search of the next emerging artists to be considered for showings.

    He enjoyed the outings, but Bette’s separation from the CAC was never far from his mind. His concern being undue legal troubles that she might encounter. Bette assured her father that when she confronted Franklin and if needed the entire CAC board of directors, she would convince them to buy out her contract and oust Helena Peabody unless they wanted a very public lawsuit on their hands. Melvin was still a bit nervous about this ordeal, but he trusted his daughter’s business savvy. Bette was every bit as street smart in business as Kit, but also had her ivy league education with a master’s degree in business and a skilled lawyer to fortify her mission.

    Nonetheless Melvin asked for a meeting with the lawyer to review the contract and the strategy, after which he was satisfied that the claim was airtight. He’d had a bad feeling about Helena Peabody when he’d overheard the break-up argument outside the restrooms between her and Tina the night of the awards dinner but learning she was also the board member with a personal vendetta against Bette causing all the acrimony between his daughter and her employer made him realize that this woman could be dangerous to the well-being of his family. This did not sit well with the old man. He repeated the promise he’d made to Kit that night. If Helena tried to make trouble, she would soon find out that a united Kennard-Porter family was a formidable opponent.


    Reconnecting with his daughter’s had brought real joy to Melvin’s life but getting to know his daughter-in law warmed his heart. Tina had been a very successful Studio Executive but making a lot of money in the fantasy world of movie-making wasn’t her passion. Her philanthropy in the non-profit arena is really where she stood out, and Melvin recognized a kindred spirit.


    1. OK he’s growing on me!
      As you know though BAT I am acquainted with an awful lot of Lawyers! My world of Law was, of course, in the UK but ………

      I enjoyed the post but it has left me still a little anxious about his ultimate intentions – sorry :-)
      Thanks for the continuing posts BAT really enjoying them.

      • Hi SassyGran. Thank you. Glad to know he is growing on you. Don’t hold me to any of the law stuff being accurate, as I have no knowledge of it, but wanted Melvin to do something selfless. His original intension was to make up with Kit before he died, and to bring David back to her but all that changed after he found Tina pregnant. Now he wants to be a better person and have a chance at being a grandpa to Bette and Tina’s baby.

    2. Wonderful chapter, thank you very much. It is a pleasure to read something positive about Melvin and the family. Just guessing but, from reading between the lines and having clues from the story it looks as though he might have changed his mind about treatments. I won’t try to guess anymore than that but, thanks for writing him in for a little longer term than we first thought. Would love to see him turn helbitch inside out. That also means that we may get a chance to see Peggy P. show up in this story and what a meeting that would be, two old warhorses from the monied elite crossing swords. Should be very interesting. You haven’t mentioned whether they know of each other so I won’t even hazard a guess about that. Can’t remember now if it was on the show or someone’s story that they knew each other and had interactions of some sort. Anyway that should be a very interesting part of the story. So happy you’re back. Thanks for posting.

      • Hi Dainty. So glad to hear from you. You were always so intuitive about my story lines, I see that hasn’t changed. I considered Melvin and Peggy knowing each other as they would travel in the same social circle but decided against it since she and Bette are so close. However Peggy will make an appearance, and they just might join forces. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    3. Bibi28. Ha ha, not sure where the old Melvin went, but I like this new version. He’s going to do a lot of good for his family so has to stick around for a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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