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    Music Is My Savior

    If I had no more time
    No more time left to be here
    Would you cherish what we had?
    Was it everything that you were looking for?

    "Fuck, I’m so late"

    Bette didn’t even dare to check her watch as she made her way up the steps of her porch, reluctantly unlocking the front door and walking inside.

    "T?" Bette called out, her heart beating fast as she waited for an answer that never came.

    She placed her keys in a bowl by the door as she balanced the bouquet of gorgeous white lilies cradled in her arm and then made her way over to the couch to remove her jacket. She called for her wife again and was met with more silence, it made her feel horrible.

    Bette knew she should have been home hours ago but there was just too much going on at the gallery. She lost track of time and when she finally realized, it was already 11:45. She rushed home as fast as she could, only making a quick stop at her favorite 24 hour grocery store to pick up a bouquet of Tina’s favorite flowers. It was the least she could do.

    The brunette finally gathered up the courage to glance up at the clock, feeling a sharp pang in her chest when she saw that it read 12:15. It was official, she had missed her own anniversary.

    Bette heard the sound of a door being opened followed by the sound of tiny bare feet slapping the wooden floor and an instant smile spread across her face. She laid the bouquet of lilies on top of her jacket, the trouble she would face with her wife momentarily forgotten as she waited for what would soon round the far corner.

    "Momma, momma, mmmmmmmomma!"

    Angelica came into sight wearing her favorite "My Little Pony" pajamas, running at full speed as she threw herself into her mother’s arms. It was the same greeting Bette got every night and it brought a big smile to her face then as it did each time, her favorite part being when Angelica stretched out the last "momma" right before she jumped.

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    1. Oh my God, you’re back!! I almost thought you had forgotten about me lol but I couldn’t have asked to read a better story. It’s so amazing Liah, I loved every page. I literally squealed when I saw 12 pages. I’m really hooked to your stories so I get excited when I see so much of your writing.You’re my hero, thank you so much for writing this story. If I have another song in mind I’ll let you know (: So glad you’re feeling better, gonna go read your other story now lol

    2. Geez, louise you scared the pants off me. I thought our beautiful girl was gone. So happy she is alright. Is this a shot story, if so I sincerely wish there was more. It was a great story and I would like to see if Bette drops the ball or lives up to her promises. She so often makes big bold promises but when the crisis has passed, so do her promises go by the wayside. Great story. Thanks.

    3. Dear, dear talented author… The more I read your stories, the more I love your so sensitive way to gave so much life and love to our beloved two… But this chapter is truly special, for me, and brang a lot of tears in my eyes… It so deeply touched me, really it did, and I find it truly difficult to explain how much with just words… Thank you a lot for such a magnificent work, I wish you all the best !! Gratefully – A.

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