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    Music Is My Savior

    "Neither can I. When you get better . . you, me and Angie are going to Disney World"

    The blonde pulled back in surprise as her eyes twinkled with excitement, the shivers running through her body momentarily forgotten, "Really?"

    Bette smiled as she nodded and leaned in close, her eyes glued to Tina’s lips, "Yeah, it’ll be perfect"

    "I’m sure it will be" The shivers had returned and Tina found herself completely mesmerized by her wife’s approaching lips, her eyes never leaving them as she nodded slowly.


    The women turned their heads towards the open door just as a very excited Angelica came into view, her smiling aunts not far behind.

    "Careful baby girl. Momma T isn’t feeling very well" Kit cautioned from the doorway as she watched her niece run up to Tina’s bed and into her mother’s arms with a little help from Bette.

    She along with Alice and Shane watched with smiles on their faces as the family of three shared a tender moment, chuckling as Angelica talked non-stop about everything and anything while sitting atop Tina’s lap.

    Kit couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she looked on, beyond happy that everything turned out okay. She was glad that Bette and Tina were given a second chance because there were so many times when people were never given that opportunity. Kit had always been a firm believer in living one’s life to the fullest and she was glad that Bette now understood that too. She saw the change in her baby sister and  right away knew that things would only get better from that point on.

    The group laughed at something Angelica had said and Kit was brought out of her reverie, smiling at the joke she had missed out on. She melted when Bette placed a tender kiss on Tina’s forehead, watching as the brunette pulled back so she could look into her wife’s eyes.

    Kit couldn’t help but sigh with content, the look between them said it all:

    Tomorrow may never come so I’ll love you with everything that I am.

    So every time you hold me
    Hold me like this is the last time
    Every time you kiss me
    Kiss me like you’ll never see me again
    (can you do that for me baby)

    Every time you touch me
    (see we don’t really know)
    Touch me like this is the last time
    (see everyday we never know)
    Promise that you’ll love me
    (I want you to promise me)
    Love me like you’ll never see me again
    (like you’ll never see me again)

    Oh oh oh oh oh


    1. Oh my God, you’re back!! I almost thought you had forgotten about me lol but I couldn’t have asked to read a better story. It’s so amazing Liah, I loved every page. I literally squealed when I saw 12 pages. I’m really hooked to your stories so I get excited when I see so much of your writing.You’re my hero, thank you so much for writing this story. If I have another song in mind I’ll let you know (: So glad you’re feeling better, gonna go read your other story now lol

    2. Geez, louise you scared the pants off me. I thought our beautiful girl was gone. So happy she is alright. Is this a shot story, if so I sincerely wish there was more. It was a great story and I would like to see if Bette drops the ball or lives up to her promises. She so often makes big bold promises but when the crisis has passed, so do her promises go by the wayside. Great story. Thanks.

    3. Dear, dear talented author… The more I read your stories, the more I love your so sensitive way to gave so much life and love to our beloved two… But this chapter is truly special, for me, and brang a lot of tears in my eyes… It so deeply touched me, really it did, and I find it truly difficult to explain how much with just words… Thank you a lot for such a magnificent work, I wish you all the best !! Gratefully – A.

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