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    Music Is My Savior

    Tina Kennard sat at the edge of an oversized lounge chair as she rambled on about an issue she had at work earlier that day, finding herself more nervous during that session than she ever had been in all her previous ones. Her eyes roamed everywhere in the office but on the brunette who sat a few feet away, knowing that looking her way would mean Tina’s downfall.

    She had been seeing her therapist for a little over a month and though things had always been professional between them, everything changed for Tina the night before.

    Her therapist was gorgeous, the pure definition of sexy. She was confident, powerful and so incredibly intoxicating. Tina had always felt an attraction to her from the first day but never took things further than that as she was fully aware that therapists getting together with their clients was a big no no.

    Until last night anyway when Tina went to bed and had the hottest, wettest dream of her life.

    Now she couldn’t bring herself to look her therapist in the eye.


    The soft, raspy voice brought Tina out of her reverie, the normally soothing tone doing nothing less than setting Tina’s body ablaze. Images of her dream from the night before flashed through her mind and that same voice rang in her ears. It was raspier then, strained, needy and wanting. Tina felt her clit twitch at the memory.

    She looked up despite her silent agreement not to, unable to stop her eyes from immediately going to the brunette’s chest.

    The first few buttons of her therapist’s shirt was undone, revealing a mouthwatering amount of cleavage that Tina wanted nothing more than to bury her head between. She wanted to kiss there, lick there. Just like she had done in her dream.

    “Like what you see?”

    There was that voice again, the teasing tone somehow managing to snap Tina out of her lustful daydream. She felt her cheeks heat with embarrassment as she looked up at the most sexiest woman she had ever seen.

    Her therapist sat back comfortably in her chair, a pant covered leg crossed over with an arm resting confidently on one of the rests. Her curls were loose that day and they framed her flawless face perfectly. She had the most beautiful pair of brown eyes but much like other days, the brunette hid them behind a pair of black rectangular glasses. An image flashed through Tina’s mind of being fucked by her therapist wearing those same glasses. She squirmed in her seat.

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    1. Omfg, that was for sure one hell of a come back! I am in need for another shower and that one is a very cold one 😰

      I am happy you overwon your writers block.

      I will wait patiently for more. ..

    2. I haven’t actually read this yet, I just wanted to say I’m glad your back… So far I’ve read Rainy Days, Against All Odds, Fate and When You Least Expect It…

      I love your stories and the way you write the characters and your NC-17 chapters are crazy HOT!!! Can’t wait to read more from you

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