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    When You Least Expect It – Chapter 15

    On the carpeted floor of the living room, Bette and Tina laid in complete bliss. Half of Tina’s body rested comfortably atop her lover as she sighed in utter content, listening to the gentle beating of Bette’s heartbeat. She had a leg nestled between both of Bette’s and arm resting on the brunette’s chest as she lazily drew circles over her girlfriends heart. She reveled in the warmth of their bodies, smiling with the happiness she felt of being reunited with her girlfriend.

    Bette let out a deep sigh and grabbed the blonde’s attention. Tina looked up at her girlfriend’s tired face and smiled wide at the beautiful sight. Bette had her eyes closed but Tina knew she wasn’t sleeping and decided to have a little fun with the brunette, tracing her finger around Bette’s left nipple. She smiled wider as it reacted to her touch, watching as it hardened under her skilled finger.

    "You’re so bad" Bette grinned, her eyes still closed. "Haven’t had enough?"

    "Of you?" Tina smirked as she looked up at Bette, "Never"

    "Good" Bette’s smile widened, "That’s what I like to hear"

    She blindly reached for Tina’s hand and brought it to her lips for a tender kiss.  She placed it back over her heart and held it there, letting the blonde feel the soft thump, thump.

    Tina couldn’t help but feel utterly at ease in that moment with Bette, so glad that her horrible week without her girlfriend was finally over. Tina laid there contently as she watched their joined hands slowly rise and fall with Bette’s every breath, her hand tingling at the gentle swipe of Bette’s thumb on her skin.

    Aside from any time spent with Angie, Tina couldn’t think of a moment more perfect than laying there with Bette.

    "I missed you" She said softly, her warm breath fanning the skin on Bette’s chest.

    "I missed you too" Bette took a deep breath and let it out, completely relaxed. "God, I could stay here all day. You feel so good"

    Tina let out another deep sigh, more than ready to spend her day loving Bette. She thought about making a lunch for them and Angie, maybe even going to the park and spending the afternoon-

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    1. I was rereading this story and thought I might bug you for an update! I’m realy hoping you can find the time to post another chapter to this great story, so pretty please can you make it happen :)

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