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    Only Ever You – Chapter 1

    Bette crossed her arms defensively, pure amusement in her features. “Actually, we we’re doing the Kid n’ Play move which by the way got me into so much trouble that night”

    Caught up in the moment, Alice couldn’t help but laugh and join in the conversation. “Yeah ‘cause Tina thought you did it on purpose since Brenda had the hots for her”

    And just like that, a happy memory instantly turned sour. Bette completely paled at the mention of her ex-girlfriend and everyone else suddenly grew uncomfortable, their eyes landing everywhere but on the brunette herself.

    “You know she’s a doctor now” Carmen, the hero, with the subject change as she referred to Brenda.

    Shane instantly jumped on the opportunity, snapping her fingers before pointing one at Carmen. “I heard that. A surgeon I think”

    Unfortunately the subject fell flat just as quickly as it had begun, leaving the girls racking their brains for a different conversation to relieve the awkward silence.

    “So Bette, how long are you in town for?” Lara with the save, leaving everyone else to release a discreet sigh of relief and redeeming herself with Alice for her earlier mishap.

    Bette cleared her throat, “Um, just a few days. I really just wanted to come for Jenny. Well, also to see you guys and Kit of course. I heard she renovated the bar. I was planning on surprising her after this”

    “The Planet?” Dana squeaked, panic evident in her eyes. “But that’s where T-“

    All the air rushed from Dana’s lungs the moment Alice’s elbow came into contact with her stomach, silencing the brunette instantly.

    Bette looked at the pair with both surprise and suspicion. They were acting weirder than usual.

    “What she means is that’s where we were headed after this” Alice smiled sweetly, a little too sweet not to raise a red flag or two but Bette had just gotten through a very long trip. She didn’t have the energy to decipher Alice’s out of the ordinary behavior. “Right guys?”

    A series of nervous confirmations came from the rest of the girls and Bette couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Something was definitely up but again she ignored it. The possibilities were endless with their group.

    “I think they’re about ready to start” Lara watched as Jenny’s family took their seats, “You guys wanna head over?”

    Alice jumped into motion a moment later, wanting to avoid Bette’s curious stares. She hooked her arm through Shane’s and pulled the slender brunette towards her destination. Nearly tripping over her own feet, Shane steadied herself and matched the pace of the fast walking Alice.

    “You know Bette’s going to kill you right?” Shane leaned her head close to Alice’s and whispered to the nervous blonde.

    “I know” Alice whispered back fiercely and bit her thumbnail, “Maybe we could call Kit and tell her to give Tina the rest of the day off?”

    Shane raised a skeptical eyebrow, “Knowing that probably half of these people are going to the bar for lunch right after this is over”

    “You’re right” Alice slapped a hand to her forehead, “I’m so dead”

    With a smile, Shane slung her arm around Alice’s neck. “Feels like old times”


    1. Zhenya says

      So, Bette – model, really? And Tina – single or with someone, like Brenda?

      I know it’s probably too early, but i have a suggestion how we can get rid from Emma. Maybe Emma London go to the London?)

      Waiting for the next part and what road you give for B&T. By the way – start this story something similar for you story “Sole mates” but in reverse. Bette (Tina) going to home town where lives her ex-girfriend Tina (Bette)

    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi Liah,

      Hmm, i have to be a litlle patient before you reveal what happened between Bette & Tina Seven years back, ok but you know i am not a very good at waiting 😉

      Glad that Bette stayed in contact with her friends all these years.

      So Emma is the first ” relationship” after Tina, she will have to prepare to say goodbye after Bette will meet Tina at her sisters bar, no way that theirs relationship will develop in more.

      Tina, working for Kit or is she co-owner with Kit? And what happened with her the last Seven years?

      Ok, i know, i am asking to much questions and have to be patient.

      I hope all is going well in your life Liah.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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