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    Only Ever You – Chapter 1

    7 years later – Present day

    Bette Porter chuckled as she drunkenly stumbled into her dark loft apartment, keeping an arm securely wrapped around the waist of the woman in front of her while she blindly searched for the light switch with her free hand.

    “.. is her technique, each brushstroke telling a different part of the story. It’s through Monica’s unique methods that reveal to us in artistic detail, one of the most scandalous yet erotic love affairs in history. God ..”

    The woman in Bette’s arms sighed blissfully, her eyes closing of their own accord as she both savored the words she read off a note card in her hand and the feel of Bette’s lips on her neck. Together they slowly made their way further inside the apartment with Bette kicking the door closed behind them.

    “Is my speech making you hot?” Bette chuckled into the woman’s neck as she angled the head for better contact, smoothing the fiery red hair away from the area her mouth feasted upon.

    “You have no idea” The woman chuckled huskily before letting out another moan, the sensual swipe of Bette’s tongue literally making her weak in the knees.

    She shakily led them over to a table not far from the door just before her legs gave out, grasping the edges of the wood to brace herself while inadvertently giving them the opportunity to discard their purses and Bette’s keys.

    “I just love how you work a room” The redhead confessed, the thump of Bette’s purse being thrown onto the table momentarily jostling her. It stole her attention for a whole two seconds, just barely realizing the purse opened with the impact before Bette’s skilled fingers tightly trailed up her arms and caused the redhead to close her eyes. “The way you spoke about Monica’s work and the relationship Amanda Lyn had with her baby’s nanny ..”

    “Oh so the fact that I spoke about an affair that happened years ago is the reason why you’re so turned on” Bette teased as she slowly peeled the leather jacket of the woman’s body, her husky tone and the way her warm breath tickled the redhead’s ear made the woman quiver with desire. “My magnitude has nothing to do with it”

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    1. So, Bette – model, really? And Tina – single or with someone, like Brenda?

      I know it’s probably too early, but i have a suggestion how we can get rid from Emma. Maybe Emma London go to the London?)

      Waiting for the next part and what road you give for B&T. By the way – start this story something similar for you story “Sole mates” but in reverse. Bette (Tina) going to home town where lives her ex-girfriend Tina (Bette)

    2. Hi Liah,

      Hmm, i have to be a litlle patient before you reveal what happened between Bette & Tina Seven years back, ok but you know i am not a very good at waiting 😉

      Glad that Bette stayed in contact with her friends all these years.

      So Emma is the first ” relationship” after Tina, she will have to prepare to say goodbye after Bette will meet Tina at her sisters bar, no way that theirs relationship will develop in more.

      Tina, working for Kit or is she co-owner with Kit? And what happened with her the last Seven years?

      Ok, i know, i am asking to much questions and have to be patient.

      I hope all is going well in your life Liah.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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