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    Only Ever You – Prologue

    June 2012

    “Outlook! Out, out, outlook!”

    Alice Piezecki chanted along with the rest of her graduating class, each of them holding some type of alcoholic beverage in the air. She clinked her shot glass against her best friend‘s beer bottle before downing the contents, grimacing as the clear liquid burned a trail down her throat.

    “This party is wild!” Alice yelled over the loud music before lifting her arms over her head, swaying her hips to the beat.

    “You can say that again!” Shane McCutcheon, Alice’s best friend and notorious “bad girl” of Outlook High school smirked as she danced with the perky blonde. Her eyes slowly roamed over each female on the dance floor, appreciating the beauty around her.

    Alice slapped her best friend’s arm, “Don’t you dare go running off. You promised you wouldn’t leave me alone”

    “You’re not alone” Shane laughed as she wrapped an arm around Alice’s shoulders. A beautiful brunette strolled passed at that exact moment, an inviting smirk on her sinful lips. Shane’s eyes followed her until she disappeared into the crowd, her libido groaning at the missed opportunity. “You do know that you have other friends too right?”

    Alice rolled her eyes at the tease as she thought of her “friends” and their knack for pairing off at parties, usually leaving Alice to fend for herself.

    “What friends?” Alice held out her arms as she waved them around, “All I see are horny teenagers coupled up everywhere”

    Since elementary school, they had been a pretty tight knit group. They had done nearly everything together, an inseparable force. That was of course until they reached the age where they became interested in dating and relationships, pairing up with either members of their inner circle or with other students at their school.

    Shane laughed as she took a swig of her beer, nearly choking on the contents. “Speaking of coupling up, how are things with Dana?”

    Alice shot her best friend a warning look, earning another laugh from the young lothario.

    Since she was 10 years old, Alice had harbored a crush for one of her closest friends. A member of their inner circle no less, Dana Fairbanks. As close as they all were, everyone knew about the crush except for poor Dana herself who was pretty much oblivious about everything. That in itself was a blessing considering Dana was hopelessly in love with all around perfect girl next door, Lara Perkins.

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    1. Hi Liah,

      I am so looking forward to enjoy and read this new story. Unfortunately i can not read it now, but tomorrow for sure.

      I have faith in you and the girls to overcome the rocky start.

      Enjoy your glass of wine, the music and the cleaning.

    2. Thank you for the new story! Melvin always been ass, but in this he complete bustard. But Bette – yes I think your father paying for your study in Stanford, but have little backbone always good. Because for now obviously she doesn’t has one. Waiting for the next part than!

    3. Hi Liah,

      Late evening here in the UK but seeing a new story from you had to read before bed. Glad I did even though my mood with Melvin May make my dreams less than peaceful!

      Looking forward to this story continuing and having faith as requested:-)
      Trusting you intend our dear Bette to develop a backbone :-)

      Enjoy your wine and music.
      Thanks for the post

    4. Late evening already? I would say sorry to have kept you up but you enjoyed the chapter so I guess that makes up for it :) Done with the cleaning and music but still with a cup of wine in hand lol. Have a good night !

    5. Oh god, Melvin is truly a horrible cruel heartless man without any emotion at all.

      Poor Bette.

      You are a little mean, i want to know about what Tina told Bette and what more she did to hurt Bette and why Alice is the only one knows what is going on. Again poor Bette and now she is send away without saying goodbey to her friends and Tina.

      Liah, i trust you to make things allright in the future with my favourite couple.

      Great start for your new story!

    6. It’s a nice start! I already feel impatient to read the next chapter…😄
      I had read all of ur stories and Have to say u already become one of my favorite writers in this web 😊
      Thank you for sharing all ur work!!!😊

      Oohh forgot..I’m on board with Bibi, very curious with what had happened between our Tibette?? 🤔

    7. Jesus that was rough!.. lot of heart ache there, all the way around. Not sure what Tina said to Bette but obviously Bette was willing to get past it.. it wouldnt have matter fight or no fight she was being shipped off. And the phone thing wow.. very curel. Your child is in front of you hurting a you think its a life lesson?..
      Bette has to do as told . He’s paying for her schooling he holds her future. I dont see her weak without back bone i see obedance and not having a real way to fight back. Even if it all would benefit her in long run. He went about it as a dictator. And forever change Bette in the long run.
      With all that being said I know the love for Tina will last the test of time and you will find away for them to meet again.. Thank you this was a great beginning. Ok i’m going to read first chapter.

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