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    Only Ever You – Chapter 2

    She was finally able to tear her eyes away from Bette, looking to Alice who was thankfully already looking her way. She projected fear and confusion in her hazel orbs, hoping her friend could somehow silently shed some light on the situation as to why Bette was in the one place Tina would have never expected her to be.

    It’s Bette. Alice mouthed silently as if Tina hadn’t already figured that out. She made a gesture for Tina to leave, unintentionally gaining the attention of the distracted brunette.

    Tina’s eyes widened with fear and she immediately handed the shaker to Al the customer before ducking behind the counter once more, praying she hadn’t been spotted.

    Bette opened her eyes the moment she saw Tina disappear from sight, an electric jolt coursing through her entire body. She didn’t get more than a quick glance, a blur really but there was no mistaking what Bette saw. Or rather whom.

    “Tina ..”

    As if she was no longer in control of her own body, Bette mindlessly pulled back from Kit’s embrace and made her way over to the bar. Her heart thumped hard against her chest as she closed the distance, an urgency filling her like no other. Suddenly all the pain she had suffered over the years didn’t matter, all that she cared about was laying eyes on the woman who had stolen her heart so many years ago.

    Bette placed her hands on the top of the bar, ignoring the wet sticky feeling under her palms as she leaned over to peer on the other side. Just like that, she was breathless.

    There was Tina, sitting on the rubber mats covering the floor with her knees drawn up to her chest. She seemed to be scolding herself, the one-sided whispered conversation made it difficult to decipher the reason why. Either way, it was something Tina had always done when she was younger and Bette couldn’t help but find it as adorable now as she had back then.

    “Tina?” She asked despite the unmistakable sight before her, the disbelief coursing through her causing Bette to second guess her own eyesight.

    Tina immediately looked up and feigned the best surprised expression anyone had ever seen, “Bette?”

    A bright smile immediately spread across Bette’s face and Tina felt her stomach clench at the sight.


    1. JBLH says

      I was so happy to see an update to this story!!

      Oh no, poor girls. I think we’ve all been in a scenario similar to this one where you imagine reconnecting with someone only to have things turn out in the exact opposite way of what you intended! I hope Bette decides to stay in town longer but either way I know nature will run it’s course for these two, just have to watch it play out! :)


    2. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I think maybe Bette needs sometimes think before she speaks, because i don’t understand how she can tell something like that if she wanted at least friendly relationship with Tina.
      Brenda won this round, Bette’s brain lost.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. proteonomics says

      Hi LxD:

      Thanks for this new chapter, the introduction, and the two first chapters are excellent.

      I’ve been reading your other stories too, but this is the first time I have the opportunity to write a comment. I like this story very much, as the former readers commented this looks a bit like a ‘deja vu’, like a memory from our own lives. How many times full of hopes we find someone emotionally very important from our past and at the same time you realize that it is forbidden fruit.

      Anyway, Bette is still a little hurt and perhaps she fell in Brenda’s trap speaking the wrong words in front of Tina. But I hope she will stay longer in town.

      Another question is, why Tina didn’t do more of herself, I mean no disrespect for working as a bartender, which is a very respectable job (indeed something I like) but I thought she has other goals when she finished high school; was it because Bette left her? It was something related to her family? Anyway, I will really love to know more about Tina’s life since she ended high school.

      Thank you very much for the chapter and pps.


      • Liah x Doll says

        First time commenters always hold a special place in my heart :) I like to think that everyone has that one person from their past that can just turn their entire world upside down. Probably my inner romantic’s wishful thinking lol So many questions, I love it ! I promise all will be revealed in time so stay tuned ! Thanks for commenting ❤️

    4. Angel1981 says

      So i think Tina decline Bette’s marriage proposal back after school prompt? Yeah, thats why Bette still hurt? But what about Tina, Bette don’t think that she hurting too when Bette left her without even explanation and went to the college?

    5. Bibi28 says

      Hi LxD,

      So happy to see a new chapter!

      Can i slap Brenda out of the Planet to a country very far away, she is so annoying and Bette had a point in what she said to her.

      I can understand Tina’s pain, but did she think that Bette’s life stood still in those seven years?

      It is oblivious they need to have a honest talk before they can move on, and Bette, Emma will never be the woman you will spend eternity with, how sad and angry she and Tina need to talk it out.

      Melvin is and will be in my mind always a incredible cruel, heartless man, i am wondering if he has anything to with Tina’s refusal. But on the other hand it could be something else, maybe family, sickness?

      How did Tina end up as a bartender, no disrespect, but there must be a reason very important that she works for Kit.

      Oh, so many questions and little answers, please don’t let us hanging for long!!!

    6. Dainty says

      Really like this story, just wonder what dirty lie Melvin told Tina as to Bette’s absence and leaving and not saying goodbye. Evil old bastard. Hopefully they will get together before Bette has to leave, Thanks for posting.

    7. Silentreader says

      So that what happened at the prom night. Tina refused Bette’s proposal. No wonder Bette felt heartbroken after that night.

      Please don’t tell me that Tina and Brenda have already become a couple? (The news would break Bette’s heart all over again). But she was an ass when she told Brenda about her “success” in the big town with beautiful girlfriend in front of Tina. :( well if Bette could move on, why should Tina put her life on hold. :(
      Can’t wait to read the update, please post soon Liah.
      And, tks for the new chapter :)

    8. izzie says

      So glad to see an update !

      I had the same questions as everyone else so I won’t ask but I noticed that “Al” (the one at the bar not Alice) was mentionned a couple of time, is it someone important in your story or a random guy ?

      Please be kind by posting real quick !

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