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    Only Ever You – Chapter 3

    Bright sunlight shone through the small round window just above the staircase, causing Bette to squeeze her eyes tightly closed as she made her descent. Her fingers tenderly massaged her throbbing forehead as she made a mental note never to drink again.

    Upon leaving the bar the night before, Bette’s head had already been swimming with a decent buzz. Unfortunately the run in with both Tina and Brenda left the brunette with a desire to drown her sorrows until she couldn’t feel anymore. Once she had arrived at her father’s house, Bette found a bottle of whiskey from his “secret stash” and took it up to her room.

    A mistake she was clearly paying for now.

    “So nice of you to join us”

    Bette winced at the booming sound of her father’s voice as she reached the last step, mustering her best smile despite her condition.

    “Good morning” She rasped as she entered the kitchen, her eyes squinting against the bright sunlight that bathed the kitchen. Bette had forgotten how large the windows at her father’s house were not to mention the amount of natural light that spilled through. The windows in her loft were big as well but considering the fact that her Manhattan apartment was surrounded by other tall buildings, the sun merely peeked through here and there. A con of city life.

    Melvin Porter grunted at the sight of his daughter’s disheveled appearance before popping a piece of sausage into his mouth. He gestured to a plate in the center of the table with the knife in his hand, “Care for some toast?”

    Bette’s eyes roamed to the feast on the large dining table, thankful that her hangover only went as far as a throbbing headache. Her stomach growled as she gazed upon the fresh toast glossed with melted butter, bacon, eggs and sausage occupying a plate nearby. She sat down in an empty chair just as Kit placed a batch of fresh pancakes in front of her, the salty sweet scent tickling her nose.

    It had been years since the three of them had sat down together for breakfast and for a moment, Bette felt like a kid again. Her mind reeled as she happily ate her breakfast in silence, enjoying the presence of her father and older sister. She hadn’t realized just how much she missed being back home until that very moment.

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    1. Hey Liah,

      Glad to read a new chapter!!!!

      Bette is kidding herself that she could love Emma when she finds the closure she needs from Tina. Tina had and always have her heart.

      Melvin is a very cold man, i dislike him immensely! What ever he said to Tina seven years back, it scared her and let her go of Bette. It is true that Bette is succesfull due to her moving away, but Bette’s a smart woman and would be succesfull anyway.

      I really want to know about what happened in Tina’s life the last seven years, it looks like her mother is sick, but there is more than that.

      I hope they can talk soon again and that Bette is able to listen to Tina with a open mind and heart. Their chemistry is still there, the love never went away and they deserve to start over.

      Enjoyed the update, please update asap!!!!

    2. Loved the new chapter. I know Bette needs answers, but she can see that something very traumatic happened to Tina and probably not just what Melvin said that night and the next morning. I hope they get to talk sooner rather than later so she can tell Bette everything whether that changes anything in Bette’s life or not is yet to be determined. I eagerly await your next chapter. PPVS

    3. Thank you for the update. I was so happy I didn’t have work today. So, I could read in a bit of relaxation. I hope these two come together in the end. Can’t wait for you to post again! :)

    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      I must say i don’t like this Bette for now. If she wants to move on with her “beautiful girlfriend” – then she don’t need so desperately try to get her answer about what happen seven years ago. What it would change?

      And like the others – i’m very curious about Tina past. What is she doing the last seven years, what the deal with her mother?

      Waiting for the next!

    5. Thank you for the post, really enjoyed it and look forward to the next ASAP!

      Like the relationship with Dana.

      Bette needs to get rid of Emma and consent rate on how she feels about Tina.

      Looking forward to more of my favourite couple soon.


    6. Thank you so much for the update!

      I love a good Bette and Tina reunion, though it sounds like Tina definitely has had the rough end of this separation.

      I’m loving this story and can’t wait until the next post!

    7. Back to give my comment for this story,
      I knew I never like melvin in any stories i read cos he was always a jerk when it comes to bette n tina’s relation. And he was way more a jerk in this one.. he manipulated his own daughter, forced her leaving her love one, and he thought become a star in her study, success in her career and have a lot money would make her life happy…who the hell he was to decide which one was the best for bette and which one was not.
      I wondered what happened with Tina’s parent that made her end up became a bartender without any high education at all? What was she do with her live for the past 7 years ?? Did she has / had a relationship with someone else after bette left?
      Can’t wait to see what would bette do to melvin when she realized that melvin was lying to her all this time..
      Anyway, great chapter Liah..i wished you would give us few more pages longer tho.. :)
      Will wait eagerly for the next one

    8. I guess Tina’s mother has a mental illness or something like that but yeah .. only you can tell so please please don’t let us wait too long for the next chapter.
      Such an amazing story !

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