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    Only Ever You – Chapter 3

    There was surprise, remorse, guilt, relief, happiness and countless others. Unfortunately all Tina was able to reciprocate was the feeling of guilt. There she was, about to confess her mistakes and possibly opening up a Pandora’s Box to ruin Bette’s relationship while Emma waited back in New York none the wiser.

    Tina felt like the lowest form of a person but found herself unable to stop her words, her desire to tell Bette the truth outweighed everything else.

    “When you proposed .. I wanted to say yes, I would have said yes but-”


    The excited voice caused both women to jump and pull away, severing all contact and putting a stop to what would have been a life changing conversation. Tina turned to the sound of the familiar voice, putting on her best smile despite the raging emotions coursing through her. She suddenly felt vulnerable, exposed and found herself grateful for the interruption.

    “Mrs. Spears, how are you?”

    An elderly woman returned the smile as she closed the distance to give Tina a warm hug, “I’m well, dear and you?”

    “Good, can’t complain”

    Mrs. Spears raised a fragile hand to cup Tina’s cheek tenderly, smiling with a sympathy that confused Bette.

    “How’s your mother?”

    Tina nervously glanced at Bette before focusing back on Mrs. Spears, her voice lower than previously.

    “She has her days”

    Understanding something Bette clearly didn’t, the woman nodded and gently tapped Tina’s cheek.

    “Wish her well for me”

    Tina smiled though it never quite reached her eyes and Bette looked on with curiosity. Was Tina’s mother sick? Was that what Kit had meant when she said that Tina didn’t need any more drama in her life? Dealing with a sick family member could certainly take its toll.

    “Oh goodness, Bette Porter is that you?”

    Bette blinked before forcing an automatic smile for the woman she almost hadn’t recognized. Mrs. Spears had lived just a few houses away from Tina’s and had felt like a second mother to not only the blonde but to Bette as well.

    “Oh my, it is you!” She exclaimed as she recognized the familiar features, enveloping Bette in a crushing hug. The brunette huffed our a breath and Tina couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her, coughing to hide it. Bette pursed her lips in amusement over Mrs. Spears’ shoulder, silently yet playfully scolding the blonde.

    “How are you Mrs. Spears? It’s been a long time”

    “It certainly has been” Mrs. Spears pulled back from the embrace and beamed at the brunette, her emerald eyes twinkling in the sunlight. “It’s so good to see you again. Are you back in town for good?”

    Bette shook her head, “Just for a few days. I have some things to take care of before I go anywhere”

    She glanced at Tina who immediately looked the other way before focusing back on the elderly woman in front of her.

    “Well” Mrs. Spears placed a hand on Bette’s shoulder with a smile, “Come see me before you go. I’ll make you some of your favorite peanut butter cookies”

    Bette winked and could have sworn the woman blushed, “You got it”

    After waving goodbye, Bette watched Mrs. Spears’ retreating body until she was well out of sight. She focused back on Tina, more than ready to finish their conversation.

    Before she could open her mouth to speak however, the blonde tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and spoke first.

    “I should be going”

    She seemed uncomfortable, ashamed and Bette was more confused than ever. She reached for the blonde only to miss when Tina pulled further away.

    Bette wanted to ask the blonde to stay, to finish what they had started but the look in Tina’s eyes told her that it wouldn’t happen. Not that day at least. Though unintentional, Mrs. Spears’ interruption had caused the blonde to second guess whatever she had planned to say. She appeared mortified to Bette, like she wanted to be anywhere other than where she currently was. Bette tried not to feel hurt by it.


    “I’ll call you later, okay?”

    With that she turned around and quickly made her escape, leaving the brunette to watch in confused silence as she walked away.

    Bette tried to process the new bit of information she received but found that she had even more questions than before.


    1. Hey Liah,

      Glad to read a new chapter!!!!

      Bette is kidding herself that she could love Emma when she finds the closure she needs from Tina. Tina had and always have her heart.

      Melvin is a very cold man, i dislike him immensely! What ever he said to Tina seven years back, it scared her and let her go of Bette. It is true that Bette is succesfull due to her moving away, but Bette’s a smart woman and would be succesfull anyway.

      I really want to know about what happened in Tina’s life the last seven years, it looks like her mother is sick, but there is more than that.

      I hope they can talk soon again and that Bette is able to listen to Tina with a open mind and heart. Their chemistry is still there, the love never went away and they deserve to start over.

      Enjoyed the update, please update asap!!!!

    2. Loved the new chapter. I know Bette needs answers, but she can see that something very traumatic happened to Tina and probably not just what Melvin said that night and the next morning. I hope they get to talk sooner rather than later so she can tell Bette everything whether that changes anything in Bette’s life or not is yet to be determined. I eagerly await your next chapter. PPVS

    3. Thank you for the update. I was so happy I didn’t have work today. So, I could read in a bit of relaxation. I hope these two come together in the end. Can’t wait for you to post again! :)

    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      I must say i don’t like this Bette for now. If she wants to move on with her “beautiful girlfriend” – then she don’t need so desperately try to get her answer about what happen seven years ago. What it would change?

      And like the others – i’m very curious about Tina past. What is she doing the last seven years, what the deal with her mother?

      Waiting for the next!

    5. Thank you for the post, really enjoyed it and look forward to the next ASAP!

      Like the relationship with Dana.

      Bette needs to get rid of Emma and consent rate on how she feels about Tina.

      Looking forward to more of my favourite couple soon.


    6. Thank you so much for the update!

      I love a good Bette and Tina reunion, though it sounds like Tina definitely has had the rough end of this separation.

      I’m loving this story and can’t wait until the next post!

    7. Back to give my comment for this story,
      I knew I never like melvin in any stories i read cos he was always a jerk when it comes to bette n tina’s relation. And he was way more a jerk in this one.. he manipulated his own daughter, forced her leaving her love one, and he thought become a star in her study, success in her career and have a lot money would make her life happy…who the hell he was to decide which one was the best for bette and which one was not.
      I wondered what happened with Tina’s parent that made her end up became a bartender without any high education at all? What was she do with her live for the past 7 years ?? Did she has / had a relationship with someone else after bette left?
      Can’t wait to see what would bette do to melvin when she realized that melvin was lying to her all this time..
      Anyway, great chapter Liah..i wished you would give us few more pages longer tho.. :)
      Will wait eagerly for the next one

    8. I guess Tina’s mother has a mental illness or something like that but yeah .. only you can tell so please please don’t let us wait too long for the next chapter.
      Such an amazing story !

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