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    Only Ever You – Chapter 4

    “So, Kit’s hosting an open mic amateur night at The Planet tomorrow” Shane strained as she struggled with the heavy weight in her hands, shifting her legs to maneuver herself into a better position and huffed out a breath. “Do you guys .. wanna .. c-come?”

    Dana grimaced as she lifted her side of Alice’s couch to pass over an obstacle in her way, her eyes locking with Shane’s impatient gaze. She tried to remember what it was that she had rehearsed with the brunette, the look she received from Shane urging her to throw out an answer.

    “Can’t sorry” Dana huffed as she began to turn her side of the couch so that it would fit through the doorway, her arms shaking under its weight. “Date night with Lara”

    Shane nudged Bette who had been positioned next to her, urging the brunette to answer next.

    Bette immediately jumped into action, her words just as strained as everyone else’s. “I can’t either. I have some work to take care of before I head back home”

    “That’s a shame” Shane offered sincerely albeit a little too pleased with the fact as she angled her head to look at Alice. “How about you, Al?”

    “Huh?” The distracted blonde stood off to the side and was focused on the icee in her hands, scraping her wooden spoon across the frozen top. “I think I can make that”

    Bette kicked out a leg, catching Alice’s shin as they staggered by with the couch.

    Ow!” She yelled out with exaggeration, glaring at Bette as she rubbed her sore leg. She earned a round of dirty looks in return from Bette, Dana and Shane. Carmen who had been focused on her side of the couch beside Dana looked up the moment Alice shouted, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion as to what was going on with her friends. “What I was saying was that I think I can make it but I’m just gonna stay home. I’m really tired”

    Carmen bit her lip in concentration as she tried to maneuver the couch with Dana, the angle between the doorway and the hall making for a tight fit. She glanced at Alice, the blonde’s words confusing her further. “You’re tired for something that’s happening tomorrow night?”

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the new update!

      I don’t remember if i already said it – but so far i really don’t like Bette in this story. Even Brenda sounds more human than she.

      Waiting for the next!

      P.S. I really don’t care in any other chracters in stories besides Bette and Tina (and their childs), but i must say i never understood Danice in the show. For me they always were too “forcefully”. Dana with Lara seems more natural for me.

    2. Hi !

      I understand your frustrations but I’m sure you’ll come to love Bette eventually .. I hope 😂

      As for Dana .. I’ve always loved her with Lara too. My favorites will always be Bette and Tina but I decided to try something a little different with this story and give everyone a bigger role considering they all grew up together and they’ll be featured in a lot of scenes. Promise to always keep B & T as the main focus 😉

    3. Hey, LxD:

      Great chapter, poor Tina sacrificed herself all those years to take care of her mother and at the end, the old lady is dying.

      Here is when we reflect on how selfish we are some times, and that is part of our growth as persons, and we see it in Bette’s ways to deal with her feelings for Tina, well you live and you learn.

      I think, again Tina feels abandoned by Bette as it was in the past when Bette left her without seeing behind and Tina had to face all the sadness and work to take care of her mother, now again she feels desolated and misunderstood for the only person for who she has deep feelings, the one that is in her heart as the love of her life.

      I hope Bette could find Tina and apologize and talk to her because she is the only one who can really console and love her, the only one who Tina wants and is waiting for.

      I also hope that Dana will face Lara and perhaps Alice may have some chance with her.

      About Shane and Carmen, well hopefully the brunette will realize that is time to get mature and stop going from bed to bed and from girl to girl and decide to settle with Carmen.

      Thanks again for the chapter and PPS.


    4. Thanks for posting!
      Oh dear I really don’t like Bette just against all my wanting to ! Please change her as soon as, please!
      Don’t like Brenda and happy about that!
      Enjoying getting involved with your take on the characters in the story and have faith in you being a B & T lover at heart :-)

    5. I understand Bette shes been in the dark all these years.. shes going off what she sees no ones telling her anything.. and Brenda’s like a bad penny. Touching Tina and her not pulling away untill Bette shows up.. Bette not know it’s more of a consoling touch. Even though deep down Brenda wished it was more.
      It’s sad that this has gone on and no one has told Bette. Knowing she was blaming Tina for splitting up. See two of their closes friends hurting.i mean i undestand not wanting Bette to mess up her college path but after college filling her in.. easing both their pains.. but that just life when we need someone to but in their no where to be found.. but when you dont wish for meddling their they are.. destroying you..
      I love the story and its very believable. Please post again soon. And thank you.

    6. Here we are coming to the end of August…..what happened? Bette has been searching for almost a month..did she find Tina? What about Tina’s mom? Is she still hanging on? As much as I am against any physical violence I want to smack Brenda up against the wall and hope her brain rattles enough to forget who she is as well as never remembering Tina! Please help and post again soon before I go out searching for anyone named Brenda!! LOL…now that I got that out of my system I love this please post again SOON!

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