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    Only Ever You – Chapter 5

    Tina walked down the sidewalk as fast as her legs could carry her, ignoring the uncomfortable burn in her shins as she tried to tune out the brunette behind her.

    “Tina, wait!”

    She made a sharp turn into a street that led to the pier, the sound of pounding footsteps directly behind her.

    “Tina, Tina, Tina” Bette desperately grasped Tina’s elbow as she finally caught up, her next word coming out in a huff of air. “Please”

    “No” Tina forcefully tugged her arm free as she looked up to Bette with a mixture of anger and pain. “I told you to leave me alone”

    “I know” Bette breathed as she held her hands up to show that she meant no harm, “And believe me, I thought about it but I can’t”

    “Why?” Tina asked with frustration, her lip quivering and Bette found her heart break just a little bit more.

    “Because-” In an instant, Bette’s mind went blank. As much as she had wanted to say to Tina, words seemed to escape her.

    What could you say to someone you hurt more than you could ever imagine? What words would express the agonizing remorse you felt? Sorry would definitely not be enough.

    Having no patience for the brunette, Tina scoffed and turned to resume her walk to the pier. She made it all of two steps before Bette was back at her side though it didn’t slow her movement.

    “I was an asshole okay?” The brunette burst out, as she tangled a frustrated hand in her hair and kept pace beside Tina. “You were right to call me one and I wish it weren’t true but it is. You didn’t deserve any of that back there and I’ll always regret what I said but you have to believe me, the last thing I wanted was to hurt you”

    “Yeah, well you did”

    Bette’s feet rooted her in place as she watched Tina descend the wooden ramp to the lower part of the pier, unsure if she should follow.

    There was no telling how the blonde would react should she approach especially considering Bette had nothing else to offer but more apologies.

    She sighed and placed a shaky hand on her forehead, pushing it back and into her hair as she sighed.

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    1. Hi Liah,

      I just wanted to congratulation you and your brother and sister in law for having a boy. / nephew. Very kind and sweet to give them a gender reveal party!

      I will take pleasure and hope that you and other authors keep Tibette alive.

      I was so sad and disappointed after seeing the promo. But wow JB is still a beautiful and sexy Bette Porter 😍

      Will comment tomorrow after i read the update!

      • Thank you, thank you 😊 We are all very excited to welcome the new baby. I already have a niece so a nephew will definitely be a nice touch. Another kid for auntie Liah to spoil 😂

        I have to agree about the promo. As sad as I was, I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful and sexy Bette Porter 😍

    2. Hi! Thank you for the new update!

      Yeah, like others i’m very angry, sad and dissapointed about this promo and this new “show”. And francly maybe even still in shock after watching it. So i’ll try to comment this chapter later, when i might be able to move on from this shock state.

    3. Hi LxD:

      Well, after all the commotion that we had today, about a promotional video that may or may not be significant, I prefer to talk about this wonderful chapter; very beautiful.

      I like very much that Bette finally found out the hidden life of Tina during the past years.
      I’m happy that now Tina realizes that she is not alone and the Bette still loves her very much.

      I hope that this Bette in your story will be strong enough to break with Emma and make her life with Tina.

      I really would like that Tina’s mother gets well, but after suffering that much I don’t know if the lady would survive more, but I would really like that Tina could make her way to college and finish whatever she wants to be.

      I don’t like Melvin, Bette should have the chance to make her own decisions years ago.
      Very nice story, thank you again and please post soon.


    4. Oh my god, i am feeling so happy and ready to burst out in tears from joy.

      I saw you uses a few familiar lines in the conversation between them.

      Ok Bette, go to NY and break it off with Emma and return that fine ass of yours back to Tina. Emma will be devastated but she will be lying if she didn’t saw this coming.

      Looking forward to see the next chapter!

    5. Thank you so much for the update. I am not sure about the promo. Trailers are often teasers..playing mind games with us. So I will wait until December’s opening…and hope that what the storyline brings. Until then I will continue to await more stories about our Tibette!

    6. Authors like you who still give us great Tibette stories will be much more appreciated! Thank you for continuing to give us de oportuniti to enjoy the magic of Tibette. I hope you keep doing it with this and then with other stories. You are a great writer and you are giving us something that the creators of TLW have no intention to do. It´s hurts. I don’t want to watch a series with Bette and her new lovers. I prefer to continue reading wonderful stories like yours. Please, don´t stop! THANK YOU !!!!

    7. So, thank you again for how you write Tibette’s stories and congratulation with the nephew!

      I think break up with Emma won’t be easy for Bette, but she knew she has to do it.

      Waiting for the next!

    8. Dear author,
      Above all, all my most sincere congratulations for your nephew – and your niece to ! Your joy and pride are so obvious, I was almost able to see your smile through my screen and that’s beautiful :-)

      This new story of yours truly touched a very special part of my own history, a pretty painful one but nevertheless so precious in my heart and still essential in my life, so I have to thank you a lot for that bittersweet but powerful emotion…

      And, as an incurable Tibette lover, this fifth chapter (… well, yes, it’s n°5 ! *wink*) brought such a much needed comfort and the way you added a subbtle embellishment to this famous Bette’s confession about Jodie to this one about Emma pleased me a lot.
      You depicted this chapter with a full of nuances brushstroke – something our dear and oh so sexy gallery owner would have appreciate ;-)
      My natural empathy makes me truly feel for Emma but, alas for her, those wonderful two will always be meant for each other, that’s just fate – and there will never be any new tv show that will ever change that for me !

      Oh, I’m so deeply grateful to generous writers like you for sharing their talent with us, for I’m more than ever need a lot of B&T beautiful stories…
      And when they achieved to bring a lot of personal reflections, well, that’s an other gift for which I’m truly grateful.

      I wish you all the very best and will wait the next chapter with almost as much haste than Tina will wait her beloved’ return ! ^_^

      • I’m speechless .. thank you for this. Every here and there, I try to throw some reference in from the L word into some of my stories. I get excited whenever I read or watch something that features some type of Easter egg from something else that I enjoy, Its always a fun find. I’m glad you found some relation to this post as well however bittersweet. I’m glad my writing can affect people in such deep ways :)

    9. Omg.. this chapter was so touching and emotional.. and so so well written.. thank you.. I love how Bette went after her giving Tina the confidence she needed to confess not one but everything.. im so glad Bette is a listener and her heart so big and full of love for Tina..its going to hurt to let go of someone who has become so close to her but its for the best and Emma may not see it at first but if she sees these two together just one time she would see what has been missing in her and Bette’s relationship. And would want Bette to be happy.
      Thank you again
      And you are going to be an Auntie.. congrats best of love for your brother.

      • Thank you, thank you :) Life and love can be hard but I’m confident it’ll all work out for each of these girls. They all deserve a bit of happiness I feel. Thank you, I’m excited for the new addition to our family. That baby smell is addicting :)

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