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    Music Is My Savior

    Full rights to the lyrics and song goes to the lovely Janine. You can listen to ”Unstable” here:


    “You sure you don’t want to come?”

    Tina exited the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in hand, the back of her long silk kimono trailing behind her. She shook her head as she carefully sat in the center of the couch, folding her legs underneath her.

    Hair tied back in a messy bun and dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top, she was the epitome of comfortable.

    “Nah it’s fine, you two go. Angie has been dying for some alone time with you. I don’t want to get in the way of that”

    Alice pursed her lips as she adjusted the green Mickey Mouse ears on top of her head, “Please, you know neither of us would mind”

    “It’s fine really” Tina said through a mouthful of cereal, “I have work to catch up on anyway”

    “You can’t hide in here forever” Alice replied as she continued to adjust the ears on her head and then her hair, all the while looking at her reflection in the large mirror behind Tina that stretched as far as the length of the couch. “Sooner or later you’re going to have to go outside and experience the outside. Just because you and Bette are over doesn’t mean your life has to be”

    Tina was about to pop another spoonful of cereal in her mouth when she froze, looking at her best friend as the milk dripped from her spoon.

    “Bette has nothing to do with why I haven’t gone out. I’m just .. not interested. I’m too busy with work and taking care of Angie to even think about having a personal life”

    “That’s total bullshit” Alice laughed as she straightened out her Tinkerbell t-shirt, “Between me, Kit and the girls, you have plenty of help raising the squirt. You’ve never had any problem juggling work and a personal life before. Face it, the only reason you’ve become Harriet the Homebody is because you’re still in love with Bette”

    “You’re insane” Tina said as she threw her best friend a pillow from the couch, ignoring the pang of longing she felt in her heart.

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    1. Wow!!!

      That was a really hot one off!!!

      Feel free to post anytime you have inspiration!!!

      I really loved and you ended it with a big chuckle from me at Alice’s words at the end!!!

    2. I’am very glad that you continue this serie. I like all the stories in it.

      But if you ask me – which storie from this serie i love the most – my choise would be “Stay”

      Waiting for your next storie!

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