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    Only Ever You – Chapter 6

    Bette huffed as she angrily stuffed her clothes into her suitcase, her sour mood worsening with each article of clothing she carelessly piled on top of the one before.

    She hated how upset she had gotten considering the blissful way she had entered the house a few hours earlier, her mind and body still reeling from her confrontation with Tina.


    Bette paused as she reached for a shirt from the pile on her bed, a soft smile tugging at her lips. She almost questioned as to whether or not it had all been a dream, if a kiss as incredible as the one she had shared with the blonde could have only happened in her mind.

    Bette would have doubted reality had her phone not lit up with a text that widened her smile.

    I know we agreed on distance but I just wanted you to know that I can’t stop thinking about you .. and that kiss.

    A booming voice from behind Bette startled the brunette and completely ruined the effect Tina’s text had on her.

    “I take it this means you will not be joining us for dinner”

    Bette’s bad mood returned full force, her mind replaying the events that occurred once the brunette had entered her childhood home.

    She had initially planned to keep to herself, not wanting to tarnish her reunion with Tina by arguing with her father. When their eyes met, it had to have been clear to Melvin that Bette and Tina had finally cleared the air yet he showed no emotion. There was no remorse, no sympathy. He simply sat in his reading chair as if nothing had happened.

    That was when the brunette had lost what little restraint she possessed and started a frustrating conversation with the most stubborn man on the planet. It ended with Kit advising Bette to retreat to her room to cool off which inadvertently encouraged the brunette to pack her things.

    A creak in the wooden floor reminded Bette that her father was still behind her, no doubt waiting for an answer to a question that yet again disregarded a situation that affected the brunette to no end.

    She snatched a shirt from the pile and resumed packing, “Were you ever going to tell me?”

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      • You know Bette had it all planned out go home dump Em then get back to Tina.. oh and not to mention she wanted to see Tina that evening…fuck that she will be caught off guard and fuck it all up between Emma and Tina.. she is going to be put through the ringer… because Emma already knows something is up…and as soon as she sees Bette near Tina.. she will know what that something is…Poor Bette..

    1. Oh shit indeed!!!

      Wtf is Emma doing in town, is she a stalker now?! That will be a weird meeting when Emma realize that she met her competition to Bette’s heart and Bette is on her way to the bar…. Drama is coming!

      But Emma must know she will never have Bette’s heart and she should walk away in grace and don’t try to fight a lost cause. And Bette should tell Emma asap that she ends their relationship and send her away to NY!

      Thumbs up for Bette that she finally stood up to Melvin, well done!!!

      Tasha and Alice are a very funny pair together, the way Alice act and react to the teasing Tasha, so cool to see!

      Thanks for the update!!!

      Have fun planning the party!

    2. Hi LxD;

      OMG, as everybody pointed before me, shit is about to hit the fan; and I want to see, rather read that.

      What the hell is Emma doing there, Bette told her to wait and no to come, well, now a bloodbath is about to happen.

      I hope Bette won’t chicken out and say nothing to Emma.

      Wonderful story, waiting for the next chapter.



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