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    Only Ever you – Chapter 7

    “For helping to plan all this. I know it couldn’t be easy to work with this one” Emma jutted her chin in Bette’s direction as she threaded an arm through her girlfriend’s, sliding her hand into the brunette’s. Tina watched the act in silence, her eyes glued to their linked fingers.

    She immediately snapped to attention and looked to Bette questioningly, unsure if she should play along.

    “It’s no problem” She forced a smile after deciding that there was no other route to go down. Bette didn’t seem to be speaking up so why should she? Clearly the brunette’s motives had changed.

    “Do you think you and I can do lunch or something tomorrow? I’d love to go over what you’ve planned so far and maybe add some of my own personal touches”

    Tina’s eyes instantly swirled with panic as she looked from Emma to Bette and back again. The last thing she wanted was to have lunch with her ex’s new girlfriend but she didn’t know how to turn down the offer.

    “I-um, s-she’s busy” Bette stumbled over her words in an attempt to help Tina out of what would surely be an uncomfortable situation. She held out an arm toward the blonde, hoping that Tina could come up with an excuse because her mind was drawing a blank. “Right Tina? You have that thing”

    Tina simply stared completely dumbfounded. Her mind hadn’t seemed to be working either, “R-right. That thing. There is a thing that I have to do”

    She nodded, her movements a little jerky as Bette did everything she could to hold back from slapping a palm to her own forehead. She looked to Alice in a desperate bid for help, praying that her friend could back up Tina with an actual excuse. Of course she was nowhere to be found. She had somehow managed to slink away, going so far as to discreetly sneaking out with Tasha. Bette was going to kill her when she saw her next.

    “Oh come on, I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t get out of or do later” Emma waved a dismissive hand in the air with a smile, “It’s just lunch. I promise I won’t take up too much of your time”

    Right then, Tina knew that there would be no getting out of it. Emma was far more persistent than the blonde would have thought, the knowledge helping her to understand how she had managed to gain Bette’s attention in the first place. The redhead didn’t take no for an answer and Tina was certain that Bette’s usual “my way or the highway” attitude rarely worked in their relationship.

    The blonde felt a twinge of sadness before she shook it off only for dread for consume her. It was going to be the most uncomfortable day of her life.

    She smiled softly, though painfully. She was giving in.

    “Yes!” Emma exclaimed with a squeal as she excitedly shook her fists in front of her face, “Noon?”

    Tina took a deep breath as she shrugged her shoulders, her mind screaming at her to renege on her answer.

    “Sounds good”

    “It’s a date then”

    Bette blanched at Emma’s choice of words and let herself be pulled away from Tina, her mind and body unresponsive as she was led toward the exit.

    The entire time she kept her gaze locked with Tina’s, staring with a helpless longing until she was out of sight.


    1. Hi!

      So, it’s the same Bette – pretend to be touch outside but always coward inside. It’s bad that she try to pull off her talk with Emma to on later, but what worse she allowed to drug Tina in it. Emma only arrive – bad time to tell her, now her “birthday” party – bad time either. When time will be right, Bette?
      And Tina – will she really planning party for Bette girlfriend??? Just say NO, Tina.

      So, thanks for the update and waiting for the next!

    2. What a good surprise to see the update. Thanks for the new chapter. What a mess, how awkward and sad at the same time. But I can’t wait for Bette to finally break up with Emma. Not only because of Tina, but because Emma doesn’t seem so fantastic to me. It is quite annoying that he jumps to such egocentric and selfish conclusions as to the reason for Bette’s “strange” behave. Knowing that the death of close friend is the reason for Bette’s trip, Emma believes that Bette would be in the state of focusing so much on her to plan a party for her, with a complicated plan to do it precisely in the place where she and her friends are grieving for his friend. It is seen that Emma likes to impose herself. So – I can’t wait for Better to break up with her.

    3. Hi LxD:

      What a chapter, is leaving us hanging. I’m very sorry for Tina, she is too nice to see the possessiveness in Emma, who came to snatch Bette and take her home.

      To me, Emma is an egoistic person, thinking the world is moving around her; as she heard about a party, immediately she thought it was for her, which indicates that she is a conceited person.

      Bette should do something soon or this will grow like a snowball, and soon Emma will ask her more, even perhaps to marry her; and I believe it will be worse if Emma meets Melvin; that evil man would probably make an alliance with her to take Tina out of the way.

      Well, I hope Bette won’t disappoint me with her hesitation about Emma and Tina.

      Very nice chapter, please post soon.


    4. Hi LxD,

      Oh my god!!!! How soon are you going to let Emma disappear, she is so selfish and annoying. Jumping to conclusions and thinks the world moves around her. How dare she just turn up and thinking that Bette would be glad to see her.

      I feel so sorry for both Tina & Bette, this is especially akward and painful for Tina. I really hope Bette tells Emma the truth and break it of asap and before Tina has the” date” with Emma. They both don’t need this diasaster on two legs.

      Please get rid of that annoying bitch asap!!!! Let Bette be strong and not some pussy so that this will not drag to long.

      Great chapter!!!

    5. What a mess !! I can’t blame Emma though because in her line of work, they always are in the light everybody literally drool over them so they’re accustomed to be the center of everything. As for Bette, she didn’t have time enough to discuss with Emma (can’t do that over the phone) but we’ll see now if she’s a coward or not …

      Tina will be so devastated and I’m sure she will step aside because she still feel so insecure and so inappropriate for Bette.

      Please post soon and thanks for the chapter !

    6. What a mess! Bette at this point just needs to pull Emma aside and tell her the truth. There is no easy way out of this situation. If she allows the Emma/Tina lunch to proceed, then things will only get worse. Poor Tina! What on earth could she possibly say at this luncheon that would make things better? How can she discuss the plans of a non-existent party? Emma arrives unannounced in a small town which only has one bar which belongs to Bette’s sister Kit. Bette cannot wait long to correct Emma’s perception what is going on, as Emma wants to contact her friends and have them at the party and may have already sent text messages to start the process. Poor Bette….she hasn’t had time enough to breathe since Emma arrived and suddenly everything has just spun out of control. Bette’s thought process is completely understandable..Within what. an hour. Emma has complicated her with obstacles that Bette never perceived to exist. She is purely reacting to the circumstance and trying to keep all her options opened on handling the situation. It will be Bette’s actions which will determine her future and how she gets out of this mess.

      Great chapter. I really look forward to the next installment.

    7. How the fuck did she get that Bette had planned her a fucking birthday party.. they haven’t spoke since she left and she knew Bette was not fully opening up with her before she even came there. She half listened to what Alice was saying.. watching Bette and Tina I think trigger deep down that Bette had feeling for Tina and she blurred that thought from her mind for a last ditch effort to keep Bette by hearing what she wanted to hear and if that didnt work make it up. I mean she knows Bette didnt know she was coming or even asked her to so why would she be planning you a party.. and when you called though friend did they know about said party.. of course not….Emma’s fake.. although i dont blame her for wanting to keep Bette but thats like wanting to keep a wild animal as a pet when you were a kid.. you can’t you have to let it go…so it can live and be happy..ok my rant is over thank you for the update.. watching for next one..

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