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    Original ef the species

    Chapter 23

    “We should… ahhhh… get going then” Bette said literally fighting her most basic instincts for she too had fallen prisoner of that kiss. I just cannot get enough of her, it’s so fucking weird…

    Tina on the other hand just leant and hugged the chef, as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to be intoxicated by Bette’s scent. The blonde truly wanted to take the brunette out, afterall she had made reservations in an incredibly well reviewed restaurant and she was looking forward to long conversations and that amazing sound that was Bette’s laughter.

    But there was another part of her, which was growing by the second, that just wished she could devour the slim brunette’s body and feist on it all night. Actually knowing what she can do to me, and what I can do to her, is not helping this situation… God, I so need her… on so many levels… how can this be happening?

    “Yeah, we should” Tina finally made up her mind and detached herself from Bette’s arms, not without instant regret.

    The brunette just smiled that million dollar smile of hers, grabbed Tina’s right hand and started walking towards the door, only stopping to collect her purse.

    “Why don’t we take your car since you won’t tell me where we’re going” A smiling Bette suggested.

    “I told you, it’s a surprise” The blonde smiled mischevously.

    “I usually don’t like surprises, but in this case I really don’t mind” Bette said really pensive once they had gotten inside the car. It was amazing to her all these tiny discoveries she was making about herself, and how the blonde was actually turning her world upside-down.

    “So I take it that’s a good thing then” Tina shyly said.

    “It’s a very good thing” Bette said confidently and with a huge smile on her face. And at that time Tina could do nothing else but to lean forward and kiss that amazing woman.

    “I better set the coordinates on the GPS or we’ll never get out of here” The blonde said outloud, and practically out of breath, once the kiss was over.

    “That would be wise” Bette added, also breathless. If I get my way with you Miss Kennard, we’ll have all night for this… Of course the brunette didn’t verbalize that last part of her thought.

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