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    Original of the species

    Chapter 22

    Later that day Tina was in full working mode since she found that to be the perfect refuge from her thoughts. She still couldn’t believe herself and the things that her body experienced everytime she thought of one Bette Porter.

    It wasn’t just about the undeniable physical connection they had, she also experienced in more than one occasion how her stomach did a major flip-flop at the thought of the brunette. How was she gonna try and explain things to that marvellous creature if she felt so clumbsy and helpless at the mere thought of her?

    So she did what she did best whenever something big was troubling her, she sank in her work. Just as she was finishing the final details on a budget review the blonde was startled by her cellphone ringing.

    “Tina Kennard” She answered absentmindedly, not checking the caller’s ID first.

    “Hi” Bette shyly said on the other end of the reciever, not really knowing how to interpret Tina’s tone of voice.

    “Oh Bette, hi… hiiiiii…” Tina quickly added almost jumping off her seat and in a much softer tone, mentally kicking herself for not checking who was calling first.

    “You sound… busy. Should I call another time?” Bette softly said, afraid she was interrupting the blonde. Great Porter, way to go… What did you think? That she would sit around and wait for you to call…

    “No, please, don’t” Was all Tina could mutter for she was already feeling her physical response to Bette’s voice. “I… nevermind. How are you? Did you finally find a place to bury your guests?” The blonde inmediately switched to teasing mode, before the brunette had the oportunity to notice how undone she truly was.

    “No, I decided to follow your advice” Bette said smiling warmly, something that Tina could easily identify even over the phone.

    “Well that was probably the smart move to make.” Tina hesitated for a second, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Bette. Should I ask her? I mean we did spend three amazing days togheter…

    “Tina, is there something wrong?” The brunette blurted out before thinking about it, instantly afraid that the blonde could be having second thoughts about… well about everything.

    “No, of course not. I was just wondering what was the latest practical joke Helena and Alice pulled on you last night.” Tina could just no believe the ambivalence of the situation. On one hand she felt like she could say anything to that amazingly beautiful brunette whenever they were togheter, and on the other hand she felt incredibly clumsy and self-conscious now that they had been apart.

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