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    Original of the species

    Chapter 24

    After fighting over who should get the bill they negotiated to split it in half and when it finally arrived they were more than surprised to discover that Chef Hiroyuki not only had invited them some extra delicacies, he had also given them a major discount on the bill.

    “But honestly Bette… that was really generous of him. Is it always like this when you go to a restaurant?” Tina asked truly surprised.

    “No, T. I don’t know all the chefs in LA” Bette replied amused as they were finally getting in the blonde’s car.

    The trip back to Bette’s house was again a truly pleasant one, since they both seemed to enjoy the company of the other. Clearly they couldn’t get enough of one another.

    “I am not even gonna dignify that with an answer” Tina said trying to feign annoyance at Bette’s latest tease. They had finally entered the brunette’s house.

    “Make yourself at home T. I’m gonna fix us something to drink so what would you like?” Bette asked as she headed for her big and luxurious kitchen.

    “Whatever you’re having” The blonde shyly answered, feeling self-conscious for the first time in that night.

    Tina wasn’t a shy woman, as she had clearly shown in the days they had spent together after Kelly’s wedding. When she wanted something she just went for it. But Tina’s boldness had flown out of the window of her car on the drive back from that beach house, as she suddenly realized that perhaps her feelings for this brunette were increasing exponentially.

    The blonde didn’t want to screw things up and certainly not by being too forthcoming, so being left alone in Bette’s incredible living room was not helping her situation.

    On one hand she knew that she wanted nothing more than to wake up naked on the brunette’s bed, but on the other hand she felt the need to take things slow and not listen to her most basic instincts. Tina was certain that she wanted a future with Bette, that there was something deep and meaningful building between them and she was sure she would not jeopardize that in any way.

    As Bette returned to the kitchen, after having very similar thoughts as the blonde, she discovered that Tina was still standing there very deep in thought.

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