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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 14


    Bette slightly blushed at being caught in her own thoughts. She wasn’t sure if Tina was on the same page as she was so she knew she had to be careful with her words. This was all too new to the blonde and the least Bette wanted was to scare her off.


    Option A: I thought I had felt like this before but in the short time we’ve been together I’ve realized that… nothing compares to this… no one ever felt this good…

    Option B: I think the salmon we served yesterday wasn’t still quite as good as I intended, wouldn’t you say so?

    Option C: ahhh… ehh… mh… oh goddamn it! Think you idiot!


    “You are so beautiful Tina” Bette finally said smiling and the blonde intensely blushed Oh I’m so gonna ruin this…


    “Thanks, but you are the gorgeous one” Tina said after a few seconds. She couldn’t believe the fact that she was in this marvellous woman’s bed, naked and to top that Bette was still complimenting her.


    Tina softly leant forward and planted a sweet kiss on the brunette’s still swollen lips.


    “And for the record… you don’t fool me you know” Tina softly said after the kiss ended.


    Bette’s surprised expression gave her away but before she could say anything Tina was kissing her again and again and again, each time with increased and renewed passion. The kisses lead to yet another passionate making out session in which their hands were all over each other once again, but this time it was different. This time it was about exhaustingly exploring one another’s bodies and desires, what they liked and what drove each of them insane. They made love for most of the night until exhaustion got the better of them both.


    Bette woke up first to intense sun light coming from the bedroom window and she immediately noticed Tina was still curled up against her body, just as they had fallen sleep. A huge, bright smile appeared on the brunette’s face.


    Bette gently lifted her head to check the nightstand clock: 11 am.


    I could wake up like this every morning She thought to herself and smiled again, realizing that it was still too soon to have those thoughts, and yet then again she couldn’t help but to have them.

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    1. Hey anne83, you are back!!! You have no idea how glad I am to read you. I loved that story and like many others was so disappointed that it had remained unfinished! But I see all this is about to change and I will eagerly be looking out for your name on the front page. Thank you so much for your story!

    2. Hello there anne83 :-) welcome back! I am so glad to see you posting the update!! :-) I do hope your days will be better and brighter :-) … It’s been a joy to read your stories, and still I enjoy re-read them while keep my hope that you’ll come back again! hopefully you’ll have time to write and post again… ;-) looking forward to see your next posting! cheers!! :-)

    3. OMG! I think this was the first ever story i read on this site. I was disappointed to see that it was not completed when I reached the end and been waiting for an update ever since. I’m so glad you’re back to continue. Hope to read more of your stories…and welcome back :)

    4. Wow! I was actually just thinking of this story the other day! But I had to go back a few chapters to remember what this one was about. I hope things are better and welcome back! You and this fic were truly missed! :-)

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