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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 15


    Bette remained silent for the next couple of seconds, seconds that seemed like hours to her, patiently waiting for the blonde to give her something.


    Tina quickly understood what the chef’s silence meant and immediately knew she had to verbalize what was in her head if she wanted to keep this amazing person she had just met in her life. So she took Bette’s hands in between her own forcing the brunette to meet her gaze.


    “Thank you for that” Tina warmly said truly grateful for Bette had managed to calm her down and scare her concerns off, but she knew she had to continue.


    “You’re right you know… you and me… here and now… I mean I don’t know what drove me to come back here and invade you like this…” Tina shyly smiled at that last remark before she continued. “But I’m happy that I did, cause so far I’m really enjoying getting to know you”


    That last part of her statement was said in such a sweet and warm tone that Bette couldn’t help but to melt. The brunette smiled that million dollar smile of hers, the one that could melt the North Pole.


    “Well the feeling is mutual” The chef said, slowly leant forward and placed the softest kiss on the blonde’s lips.


    “Are you sure we cannot stay here for the next month or so?” Tina verbalized what was going through her head without filtering it first and the brunette released a small giggle. The blonde immediately felt the fire from her blush burning her cheeks.


    “Oh trust me… how I wish we could” Bette quickly added.


    After a few more minutes of conversation and soft kisses in between Tina thought it would be wise to take a shower before they decided what their next activity would be. As tempted as the blonde was to invite Bette to the shower with her, and make that their next activity for the rest of the afternoon… she didn’t want her to think that she was only after that.


    Half an hour later the blonde came down the stairs only to find Bette sitting outside on the lounge chairs enjoying some more sun.

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    1. Wee.. !!! Another update from you!! Thanks anne83 :-) he3… Hmm, I still found your story is flowing beautifully and not rusty at all! :-) no worries, it might be just riding the bicycle ;-) lol. Anyway I am surprised to know that your native language is not English!! :-o wow! Unbelievable… Kudos to you!! :-)

    2. Taking the time to get to know each other and having fun is definitely bringing them closer together… and they have, at the very least, the Planet as a common hangout once the holiday is over. Delightful! Thanks for the post. :)

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