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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 16


    They did as planned and got everything they needed from the grocery store. Once they got back to the house Bette quickly started the process of marinating the meat and vegetables. Tina had decided to go for a quick shower but she couldn’t help it, seeing the brunette move around the kitchen was something that deserved to be admired. So she stood there, her body weight resting on the doorframe just staring at the beautiful chef, like on a trance.


    “I thought you were going for a shower” Bette said still chopping some of the ingredients for the sauce, slightly looking at the blonde.


    Tina blushed intensely at being caught.


    “How did you…” The blonde quickly asked approaching the brunette and placing her arms around her waist.


    “I guess you get used to certain things in the kitchen” Bette said interrupting what she was doing in order to turn around and fully face the blonde.


    Tina was about to say something but when Bette turned around she lost complete track of her thoughts, it seemed to her that the brunette’s eyes and lips had a gravitational centre of their own and there was nothing she could do about it. Nor that she would want to anyway.


    Tina soon discovered that their kissing had acquired certain little habits, small things that Bette did like starting the kisses slowly and tenderly as she slowly increased the pressure of their lips and always took her time to grab Tina’s body gently but firmly to press it against her own. These were the little things that the blonde was discovering drove her insane with desire.


    “You better go to the shower… or we won’t be eating much” Bette said as she realized that their little kissing session was going to turn into something else if they didn’t stop right then.


    “I… agree” The blonde replied releasing a sigh she wasn’t aware she was holding. “You are just… too tempting when you are cooking” Tina said seductively.


    “And you are the first woman who ever said that to me” Bette winked and smiled for it was true, Tina was the first woman who had said that to her but then again no other woman besides her ex, had seen her cooking outside of her kitchen. And in her kitchen, well not many people had the nerve to go saying something like that.

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    1. Im so glad you’re back, I really love this story… You had me laughing when Bette cursed after accidentally cutting her finger, they are so cute together… Thank you for this awesome fic and im looking forward for the next update:-)

    2. Oh my what a treat. Had to go back to the beginning and read to this last chapter because I’d forgotten the earlier chapters and how much I loved the story. It is such a sweet coming out story for Tina and for both of them to have found that sweet, easy, comforting, forever love. They are truly beautiful together. Thanks for coming back to complete the story.

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