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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 17


    The meaning of dessert for Tina only meant one thing: Bette. They spent the night as they had the previous one, all over each other’s bodies for most of it until exhaustion got the best of them.


    It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other, one kiss led to the other, one caress led to another and one orgasm led to another. They seemed like two people who had the certainty they were not going to see one another ever again and only had that one night to spend together. Their chemistry was unbelievable and undeniable and it manifested not only in their passion but also in everything they did together.


    Bette woke up first only to find two things. The first one was a naked blonde curled up against her body just as they had fallen asleep just a few hours before and the second one was pain, she was hurting in places she didn’t know it was humanly possible to hurt. So she decided it was best to just stay there, besides there wasn’t any other place she’d rather be at that particular moment.


    It was extremely weird and scary for the brunette to find herself anticipating Tina’s sleeping patterns. After all she hadn’t had the chance to watch the blonde sleep in many occasions, just twice and yet she could somehow anticipate Tina’s next move or tell if she was having a dream or not.


    I’m in such deep shit… but she has to know, I have to tell her somehow… preferably without scaring the shit out of her that this… all of this is not normal… this… has never happened to me before… all this fire that we seem to have, this connection… damn it Porter… be smooth for once in your life…


    While Bette was having this delightful conversation with herself inside her head a certain blonde had woken up and was witnessing this scene from the corner of her eye.


    I wonder what is she battling with… why does she look so concerned? Have I done something wrong? I thought we were enjoying this… thing… whatever it is we’re doing… dating? Well this would certainly qualify as the longest date in history… but what a date it is… or are we skipping steps and doing what couples do? Couples? Should I start considering this… us… a couple? Or is it too soon? I mean I don’t wanna scare her off and… oh damn it! I must not spoil this, whatever this is DO NOT spoil it!

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    1. This is a great story and I really wish that Bette would be totally honest with Tina. She knows shr is falling for her completely and so has Tina fallen for her. Bette just needs to be empkatic about not being hurt by Tina.Although she did mention it, I’m not sure Tina really understood how much pain she would be in if Tina walked away. However I don’t think Tina would walk away even if she is a bit afraid. The difference is if Tina’s family strongly disapproved, especially her mother/ We shall see how it plays out. Great chapter. Thanks.

    2. The holiday is over, it’s back to reality for them… Hopefully neither of them retreats too much and they make time to date. Every time I see you’ve posted, it makes me smile. Thanks for the chapter. :)

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