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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 18


    The path up the stairs and towards the bathroom was done with both discarding each other’s clothes along the way in between kisses and fights for control. The chef was pinned against the walls in more than one occasion and at some point the blonde ended up against the steps of the stairs, with Bette between her legs.


    “Shouldn’t we continue our way up? Cause I don’t think I’ll be able to restrain myself any longer” Bette huskily said in between kisses as she lifted herself a bit from Tina’s body.


    “Take me anywhere you want but just… take me” The blonde answered lustfully and pushed the brunette’s body against her own using both her legs, for she needed Bette right then and there.


    “Oh god” Bette said almost above a whisper right before starting her assault on Tina’s neck once again.


    The chef was hungrily kissing and nibbling that delicious neck as her right hand masterfully undid Tina’s upper part of her bikini releasing her breasts. The blonde sharply inhaled for she knew what was coming and yet her body still trembled with anticipation.


    “Oh god, I need you” Tina finally managed to say, her heart beating a hundred miles a minute.


    “Oh Tina” Bette said right before she descended from the blonde’s neck towards her breast where she started massaging and kissing and licking, especially paying attention to Tina’s nipples. Bette had grown used to those nipples, sucking on them and teasing them with the tip of her tongue while they were in her mouth.


    “That’s… criminal…” Tina said panting.


    Just as those words had escaped her mouth she felt the chef’s right hand, since her left one was busy giving her stability, descending towards her unbuttoned shorts.


    “Yes… yes Bette… please I need you” Tina almost begged.


    But Bette being Bette couldn’t help herself, she had to tease the blonde a little bit longer, she had to push her to her absolute limit. So instead of inserting her hand under Tina’s short and bikini she went from caressing the blonde’s lower belly directly to caress her thigh, without even brushing her fingers where Tina needed her the most.

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    1. They are too cute. That extra night together hasn’t done any harm. Trying to keep Tina a secret isn’t going to work. Bette should realise that the truth will come out sooner or later… And meeting the friends can’t be *that* painful! Or can it? ;P Thanks for the post. :)

    2. Ahhh this is so much fun to read. And Tina is gonna be sore, black and blue in a day or so from the steps, don’t know how she did that. The one line I’ll remember is, “I don’t care where you take me, just take me.” Oh my, the girl is desperate. Neither of them can wipe the silly grins off their faces and I can hardly wait to see them meet everyone at the Planet later. Wonderful chapter. Thanks.

    3. Ah! Finally manage to catch up!! Yippee.. :-) nice updates! :-) and your not speciality is so hot! So I wonder what would happen if it’s your speciality ;-) lol.. Can’t wait to read about Bette’s meeting with looney tunes :-p ha3.. And I did laugh when read about this “and I’m Wonder Woman, this is just my daytime job…” lmao! :-D thanks anne for the updates! :-) looking forward to more of your chapters ;-)

    4. Just caught up on the last few chapters. These two have amazing chemistry. Their attraction to each other is so intense I can understand why they are both a little nervous about where this is going. I can’t wait for the next “date”. Thanks for posting.

    5. Oh boy, I forgot about this?.. ..Re-read it and all your latest chap. Think the next chap would be Hilarious when the “Looney Tune” knows what is up with B Porter.

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