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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 19

    Bette was finishing the last final touches on her food as she heard her friends walking through her front door.


    And here it comes…


    “PORTER!! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!” Alice shouted as she usually did.


    “Alice, stop shouting! Really where do you think she is?” Helena said also irritated by the blonde’s screaming.


    “Well thank you for that one, crazy” Bette said meeting her friends half way through her rather large living room.


    “Anytime darling” Helena said winking at her friend, which Bette found rather odd.


    After they exchanged hugs the three amigos headed for the kitchen.


    “And that would be the menu for the night” The chef concluded announcing what they would be eating.


    “That sounds delicious Bette” Helena gently said.


    “Ok… this is weird… why are you being nice to me and my food? But most importantly why is this one not grilling me with questions?” Bette asked half amused and half scared at her friend’s behaviour for she knew something was up.


    “Why do you always assume the worst with us?” Helena quickly replied.


    “Are you really asking me that? Or should I just make a list of the reasons why? Would you like it in alphabetical order?” The brunette shot back as she confirmed these two were definitely up to something.


    “Can we open a wine before you start?” Alice asked trying to look innocent.


    “Not so fast crazier… you two sit down and start talking” Bette said rather serious now.


    Just then Helena and Alice looked at each other and understood that this time they didn’t have a way out, they would have to confess at some point. They had just hoped they would get to be drunk enough first.


    “I’m only gonna ask you this once and I would suggest you answer to me… what have you two done?”


    “I told you… she would know” Helena said to the blonde.


    “Oh zip it! But how… how does she do it?!” Alice replied to the blue eyed brunette.


    Bette just then took a big breath and rolled her eyes.


    “Ok… I’ll bring the wine otherwise this may take forever… it’s like literally talking to a cartoon” Bette said more to herself than to her friends. “Why on earth did I agree to this?” The brunette completed her sentence as she walked towards her winery.

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    1. Hey anne83, You had me peeing in my pants (well almost!) at this chapter. So good as Bette could sense that something was off and then realized what Helena and Alice had done. More please and many thanks from Your Loyal Fan.

    2. This is funny…. not for Bette lol. Tina already knows about crazy and crazier so she will be fine. it’s just hilarious to see Helena and Alice behaving like that. lol, so funny, PPVS.

    3. Sweet!!….Hey Bette nothing to worry.. If Tina’s really into you..No storm or thing’s here on earth …heheh Like “crazy” and “crazier” could ruined your chance to Tina.. What’s not to like?.you’re… “Bette Porter!”

    4. Hey, thanks for the update! :-) hehe.. I think this is hilarious! :-D so if Tina survived the grilling from crazy and crazier without Bette around, means she can witness herself that Alice and Helena are indeed Bette’s friend and they are in the right place of holding the title of crazy and crazier :-D lol

    5. Great chapter. Loved it. But Tina and Bette had already talked about crazy and crazier so she probably didn’t think anything of it and hopefully had a great time with them especially meeting Kit as well. Can hardly wait to see what really happened and I’m sure we will think it was hilarious and Bette… well the jury is out out what she will think. Hopsefully everything went alright with their first meeting. PPS

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