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    Original of the Species

    Chapter 21

    “Before I tell you anything about my weekend I would like to know which part of you two seeing Tina at The Planet is true. I already know that luckily you didn’t introduce yourselves but… did you actually see her?” Bette asked rather serious and her friends realized that the joke was over.

    “Yes, we saw her… as we told you. We were just hanging out with Kit and saw her coming through the doors” Helena started explaining and Alice interjected.

    “And she was looking for her friends, who were Shane McCutcheon and Dana Fairbanks… I swear I had to use all my strenght to restrain myself from jumping at that oportunity… I’m telling you, that tennis player is like out of this world hot” Alice finished her sentence really pensive.

    “Thank you” Was all Bette said to her friends and she sounded really sincere.

    “Why are you thanking us?” Helena quickly asked.

    “Because you know… I think I… I think I really like Tina, and there will be a time for you two to meet her but… I would like to see where this is going first” Bette calmly explained, trying not to offend her friends in the process.

    At that moment both Helena and Alice understood that this was something else for her friend. They had suspected it form the moment they saw them interacting at the club that very first night, but seeing Bette so taken by that blonde definitely confirmed their suspicions. They just silently hoped that this pretty blonde wouldn’t break their friend’s fragile heart.

    The rest of their night was spent as they usually did, drinking and eating good food, but most importantly having a great time.

    The next morning Bette was in the kitchen of her restaurant, just experimenting with some new flavours when her Sous Chef clared her throat.

    “Have you been there long?” Bette asked still with her back to her friend and coworker.

    “About five minutes” The woman simply replied.

    “And you just stood there almost stalking me because…” Bette answered putting the last touches on a plate of food that looked like a piece of art.

    “Because I would like to hear all about mysterious woman” Joan demanded and Bette released the smallest of giggles.

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    1. I can’t believe that Tina would still be doubting how Bette must feel about her, even though she has not really told her, action really does speak louder than words, and boy oh boy have they had some action.

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