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    Original of the species

    Chapter 25

    Bette gently removed her fingers from inside Tina, and the blonde pretty much did the same with her own.

    “Come here” Bette softly said and laid on her back as Tina placed her head on the brunette’s shoulder, welcoming the invitation as that was beginning to be one her favourite places these days.

    They remained silent, both still floating somewhere far away from that bed, very slowly and very gently landing back where their actual anatomies were.

    Bette could still not quite believe what had just happened, for it had never happened to her before. Not even with Caroline. And Tina was pretty much in the same page, but her experience was limitted to men so there really wasn’t much to compare to. Was it always like that with women? Or was it with this particular woman?

    Perhaps I should ask her… rrrrright… and she will think you’re an idiot for asking such a stupid question… plus there’s no need to remind her my lack of experience in these matters… Tina was debating in her head.

    “T? Are you ok?” Bette found her voice to ask as she felt the blonde stiffen in her arms.

    “Yes… I mean, how could I not be?” Tina quickly replied.

    “I don’t know, I thought I felt you tense up” Bette gently admitted. “You know T…” But the brunette wasn’t able to finish her sentence. Again her brains were telling her to just shut the fuck up.

    Tina patiently waited for a few seconds for the chef to finish her phrase, but as she got no results she disentangled herself and lifted her body enough to make eye contact with the brunette, her head was fully resting on her hand and her elbow supported on the pillow.


    “Hhmm?” The chef tried to play it dumb. Tried being the key word.

    “You were saying” The blonde asked with a shy smile on her face, her eyes were letting her companion know that she was not gonna get away this time.

    “This thing that just happened…” Bette started and again made a pause searching for the right words.

    “As in the amazing sex we just had?” Tina was trying to help the brunette.

    “Yes…” Although amazing falls short for me Bette completed in her head. “Coming together… has never happened to me” The brunette decided she shouldn’t stop herself this time.

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    1. Incredible. Can we meet the friends now. I can’t hardly wait for Alice and Dana to meet, for Bette to realize that Shane knows all about her, and for Helena to have a reaction to Tina.

    2. OMG I love this story..but alas it is not finished by a long shot…you have to get Tina to come out to her family. And she must meet carzy and crazier…and so much more sex is waiting… come back

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