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    She will be loved

    LA – Summer 2002 

    At a karaoke bar 

    Bette was on the stage grabbing the microphone ready to start her song. Sitting  at a table right in front of where Bette was standing at that moment were Alice,  Kit, Shane, Dana and a few other of Bette’s colleagues that were there to  celebrate. 

    “I know this song will seem extremely corny to you…” Bette made a pause. 

    “But I don’t give a fuck… besides I’m drunk already and I can do whatever I  want” she concluded staring at her table while the first tunes of the song started. 

    Beauty queen of only eighteen 

    She had some trouble with herself 

    He was always there to help her 

    She always belonged to someone else 

    ”What the fuck?” escaped from Alice’s lips as soon as she heard the first words  coming from Bette’s lovely voice. 

    “I know” Kit exclaimed. 

    I drove for miles and miles 

    And wound up at your door 

    I’ve had you so many times but somehow 

    I want more 

    “I just don’t understand this shit… she will marry Julia who is fucking gorgeous  and smart and funny and…” 

    “But she’s not Tina, Alice.” Shane stated in her usual low tone of voice. “Hell I know she’s not Tina… but what the fuck?” said an aggravated Alice. 

    I don’t mind spending everyday 

    Out on your corner in the pouring rain 

    Look for the girl with the broken smile 

    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile 

    And she will be loved 

    She will be loved 

    “Well… Al, you know how it is.” Dana tried this time.

    “No… I don’t fucking know how it is Dane… really, we’ve been planning this  bachelorette party for her for the last month and a half… running from one place  to the other to help as much as we could with the planning of their wedding…  and now she’s up there singing a fucking song to a ghost!” Alice was growing in  annoyance. 

    “I understand your point Al… but do you remember when Julia and Bette got  engaged?” Kit asked. 

    “How the hell could I forget?” Alice stated. 

    “Well there’s your answer to the “you know how it is Al”. Dana concluded,  finishing what was probably gonna be Kit’s rest of the sentence. 

    Bette kept singing her heart out. 

    Tap on my window knock on my door 

    I want to make you feel beautiful 

    I know I tend to get so insecure 

    It doesn’t matter anymore 

    “Look all I’m saying is that she should appreciate what’s right in front of her…  and that… is Julia… not Tina.” Alice said with a sad expression in her face. 

    “Yeah Al, you’re right but who are you or we for that matter to challenge what’s  in Bette’s heart?” Dana asked Alice. 

    “And besides…” Shane started interrupting what Alice’s answer was gonna be  “Do you think Julia doesn’t know? Really?” she concluded. 

    That last phrase left Alice at a loss of words, at least for the time being. 

    Yale – Fall of 1996 

    Art Appreciation classroom 

    “I’m sorry, is this seat taken?”  

    Bette was startled by this sweet voice and when she looked up to see who was  the owner of such a voice, she was perplexed by the most beautiful woman  Bette had ever set her eyes on. After a few seconds of observing the angelical  creature standing there waiting for what was probably an answer Bette was  finally able to form a coherent sentence. 

    “No… go ahead.” Bette said smiling that million dollar smile of hers. 

    “I’m Bette by the way… Bette Porter.” She said extending her hand and looking  right into what for Bette were the deepest eyes she had ever seen.

    “I’m Tina. Tina Kennard, it’s very nice to meet you Bette.” Tina said smiling  before shaking Bette’s hand. 

    At that moment the world froze. Electricity, pure electricity. And right then and  there they both knew their lives were not ever gonna be the same.


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