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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 62


    “Remember how the newspapers accounts of the events kept changing when the past was changed?” 

    “Oh yeah, like that newspaper article about Bette’s murder changing into the case of kidnapping.” 

    “Exactly. We can search for all the newspapers from the time Bette went back and see if anything we know about in her past had changed. That might give us some clues.” 

    “Brilliant. I love me some investigative research.” Alice’s smile grew bigger. Tina looked very excited and Alice gave her a tight hug. Everyone joined in for a group hug, feeling hope and excitement as well. Bette was missed by all of her friends and they wanted her back safe and sound.


    Christina blushed and smiled shyly, “I don’t want to know anything personal about myself but I wouldn’t mind you telling me how the future looks like. Inventions, art, life…anything you had found interesting.” 

    “Well, there’s a great invention called cellphone. Remember we read about Alexander Graham Bell’s exhibition of a working telephone in Philadelphia in 1876? Well, his invention developed into something so incredible that it took me awhile to figure out. You can use this cellphone and talk to someone who lives all the way in New York and hear them so clearly like they are right beside you. And there’s this amazing thing called television. It’s like a magic box that shows moving pictures and movies,” Bette began talking with such excitement that Christina couldn’t help but smile. 

    Bette’s face was glowing with delight and her hands were animated as she tried to explain what the cellphone looked like. Christina listened with rapt attention, absorbed in Bette’s stories and enjoying every minute of it.


    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 62

    Chapter 62: Lingering feelings and hidden desires (Tina continues to search for clues and Bette is pondering the effects of her time travel)

    Place: Orange County, CA

    Year: May 2006 

    Porter’s Mansion

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    1. I have really enjoyed this long complex adventure of our favorite lesbians. There are missing chapters between Chapter 62 and Chapter 67. What happened to the chapters? Can you re-post them? Please help!

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