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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 2: Let’s hope life is back to normal (Bette and Tina reconnect and the gang is back together again)

    Candace nodded slowly, counting the money while Helena talked.

    “Make sure it takes you as long as you need so you can keep an eye on Bette all the time. I’m pretty sure she’s going back to work soon to keep everything look as normal as possible. Do you think you can do it?”

    “To work slow? No problem. As I said before, there’s three sides to the triangle and you can’t do it cheap, fast and good,” Candace laughed at her own joke.

    Helena sighed, “Ok, so you got the concept. Take your time and watch Bette’s every move, listen to every conversation and report to me immediately if you notice anything unusual.”

    Candace nodded, “That will be an easy task. What are you going to do?”

    “I’m going to chat with some of my contacts in the government. My mother and I contributed a lot of money to some of the campaigns and organizations, so it’s about time to ask for some favors.”

    “What favors?” Candace asked curiously.

    “I’m putting wheels of bureaucracy in motion but you don’t need to know the details, darling. You just do what I need you to do, report back to me and be ready to move on a short notice.”

    Candace nodded again, smiling at the money in her hands. Helena put her sunglasses back on and started the car. As she drove away, neither of them noticed Alice, standing right outside of the Planet with a phone by her ear and a frown on her face.

    As she watched Helena car disappearing, she became aware of a distant noise she couldn’t place. She heard Dana’s voice yelling her name but she didn’t listen, stupefied by the scene she just witnessed. It wasn’t unusual to see Helena and Candace together. After all, Helena was on the CAC Board of Directors and Candace worked there with her crew. For all she knew it could be just an innocent business meeting and they were discussing the latest project. However, seeing them in the same car, taking and exchanging money was a very suspicious activity, as Alice would call it.

    She couldn’t hear their conversation but based on everything that transpired recently, Alice had already made her mind that there was some sort of conspiracy going on. Her imagination ran wild with possibilities and she was way deep in her thoughts when Dana’s voice finally brought her back to reality.

    “Dana, sorry, I’m here,” she whispered and looked around to make sure nobody was watching. “Are you almost here…where…oh, good…we are all waiting for you inside…yes, yes, our usual table…hurry up…boy, do I have news to share.” Alice hung up and hurried inside, bursting with excitement.

    “You won’t believed what just happened,” Alice’s excitement was evident. Everyone looked at her and she grinned, satisfied with the attention. ”I think…no, I’m sure of it…Helena knows something.”

    Alice recounted the scene she witnessed outside and watched as Tina and Bette exchanged worried glances.

    “Lets go to my house to discuss this…development. We need privacy. You never know who might be listening,” Tina suggested quietly. “Besides, I haven’t been home for awhile so I need to make sure it’s still standing.”

    “Kit, can you leave work and join us?” Bette asked.

    “Of course, baby girl. This place is like a well-oiled machine,” Kit laughed. “However, I’m assuming you have no food at your place, Tina…” Tina shook her head guiltily and Kit nodded, “I’ll stop at the store and pick up some groceries. I can make dinner while you try figuring things out.”



    1. To be Continued (TBC). I hope so! Does Helena ever give up? She paying Candace a lot of money to time travel when she has no idea where the portal is and how it works. And how is Candace going to get Bette to go with her? An abduction? Candace would be smart to take the money and run and never see Helena again. It would serve Helena right. Then everyone could claim Helena as being a mental case. “That woman is crazy. She keeps talking about time travel.”

      Thanks for the update….

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