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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 2: Let’s hope life is back to normal (Bette and Tina reconnect and the gang is back together again)

    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 2
    Chapter: Let’s hope life is back to normal (Bette and Tina reconnect and the gang is back together again)

    Place: Orange County, CA
    Year: July 20, 2006, morning

    Bette slowly brought Tina’s hand to her lips and kissed it gently, savoring the warmth and softness of the skin. She turned it over and touched the palm with the tip of her tongue. Tina shivered and moved into Bette’s arms as their lips met in a hungry kiss.

    All the anxiety, worries and tension that were constant Tina’s companions for the last three months began slowly melting away with each kiss and caress. Time stood still. At this moment, there were just the two of them, shiny stars in the universe that finally found their way to each other, in spite of time and space.

    “I missed you, Tina. I missed us…” Bette whispered as her lips travelled down Tina’s neck. The sensation that her touch was creating made Tina melt and tingle at the same time. It was a different feeling as Bette kissed and caressed her…yet it was the same as before, as if she never left. It was different because time had passed and, if Tina was honest with herself, she was afraid that she would never feel this way again, never would feel Bette’s touch again.

    Yet, everything Bette was doing to her was so familiar, so amazing as if the three months apart never happened. Like it was just yesterday they made love to each other with same passion, same longing, same transparent desire.

    “I missed you too. I’ve thought about this…about you every day,” Tina whispered against Bette’s lips. “Every single day since you left.”

    Tina closed her eyes, enjoying every sensation, every touch and every caress. She had thought and dreamt about Bette every day and especially at night, when she was feeling the loneliest. Bette always took her breath away and her absence haunted Tina’s dreams. It was fate…and Alice adventurous mind…that brought them together and now, as Bette was back with her and in her arms, Tina had no intentions to let her go.

    Tina didn’t even noticed when her shirt came off. One minute Bette’s lips were on her neck, the next she was on her back, half naked. Bette was kissing and licking down Tina’s throat as her hand moved down to Tina’s jeans and unzipped them. Tina couldn’t stand the slow pace. Clothes were quickly taken off and thrown on the floor.

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    1. To be Continued (TBC). I hope so! Does Helena ever give up? She paying Candace a lot of money to time travel when she has no idea where the portal is and how it works. And how is Candace going to get Bette to go with her? An abduction? Candace would be smart to take the money and run and never see Helena again. It would serve Helena right. Then everyone could claim Helena as being a mental case. “That woman is crazy. She keeps talking about time travel.”

      Thanks for the update….

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