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    No Room at the Inn

    The stage was set for whatever KiKi had planned. Liz sent her a text letting her know Bette would be arriving on Tuesday right after she received confirmation from Alice.

    KiKi: Wonderful news, my dear. Don’t tell Tina. It will ruin the surprise

    Liz: I won’t.

    Liz promised she wouldn’t tell Tina because she hoped whatever KiKi had planned was going to work. It had to work. If not, they were all going to be in hot water if it didn’t. Liz crossed her fingers and prayed.

    “Shangri-La, how may I help you?” a bubbly voice answered.

    “I would like to book a room for Tuesday-Saturday,” KiKi said smiling through the phone.

    “This Tuesday-Saturday?” asked the bubbly voice.

    “Yes, please.”

    “Oh. I’m so sorry. But we are fully booked because of The Balloon Festival.”

    KiKi smiled and told the person on the other end of the phone that she understood. She asked if they did waiting lists in case a room opened up. The front desk worker confirmed that they did do waiting lists but insisted there would likely not be any cancellations because of festival. KiKi, as sweet as ever, asked if she could make a note in the system to automatically book the room under her name just in case.

    “I will but there won’t be any cancellations,” the now not so bubbly voice said again.

    “Thank you, Dear.”

    The booking system was set to charge KiKi’s card as soon as anyone cancelled. KiKi hoped James would do what she knew he was going to have to do.


    After everyone left, Bette got a knot in the pit of her stomach. Realizing she had to go back to Vancouver made her double over in pain. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to see Tina again. Bette wondered if she should tell Tina she was coming. And as if on cue, her phone dinged. The notification said My Sweet Tee. Bette sighed and clutched the phone to her chest before reading the message.

    Tina: You okay? Just checking in. I’ve had this strange feeling since yesterday. I’m here if you need anything. What’s going on, Baby?

    Bette scoffed when she read ‘I’m here if you need anything.’

    “You’re not here. You’re there,” Bette said out loud.

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    1. I doubt there is any fan of the show anywhere who has not fantasized about what happened after Bette took off her robe and entered the shower with a sweaty stinky Tina. This is awfully good wish fulfillment. Now I will see that scene this way. I’m not sure anyone else has ever completed this scene. Very well done and thank you.

      You do write a very good conflicted Bette and Tina. I particularly like this: “Bette decided neither the hurt nor the love was bigger. They were equal.” So very true I think. Despite the best of intentions, I still do not agree with Alice and Kiki tricking Bette. The ruse of the Ballon Festival while quite humorous and clever only added to Bette’s anxiety. This is far too serious for anyone to be playing games. Very good visuals by the way. I can really picture a frustrated and nervous Bette trying to find a room. This is true with the scene at Tina’s door as well. It helps in a way that Tina has been kept in the dark as well. So both are being equally tricked. Don’t blow it, Tina. Bette didn’t have many options and….: “Bette made a decision. She guessed she was about to figure out which was bigger.” So which is going to win out: the hurt or the love? I think we all know. But Kiki and Alice are going to get an earful for sure. Poor James is most likely in the clear. Deep breaths Tina. Here’s your chance. Take it slow and stay out of your own way. Check those hormones honey. Very good chapter. Really like this story a lot and your writing style as well.

      • You are correct, I often wondered what happened after Bette took off her robe and entered the shower. It was so much fun writing that scene. I liked the repetition. I feel like it gave the scene movement as if we were watching it play out.

        The trickery will be addressed in an explosive way. LOL But it had to happen in order to get Bette back to Vancouver. I couldn’t see them not seeing each other until after the movie wrapped. They have so much more to go through before KiKi’s opening. And we don’t know if Tina will make it back in time for it yet.

        I really hope the love is bigger. Fingers crossed.

        Thank you so much for your feedback and insight. It really helps me as I develop the rest of the story. Stay tuned…

      • Billy!
        I kid U not, your 1st para is exactly what I thought!! I remem being put out w/the editors foe NOT showing us this shower scene.

        What’s more, agree that the lil “matchmaker” scheme has me nervous, but Tibette4EvEv did a fab job of pulling it off. That is, as long as our love birds stay in the now and keep responding ignoring the rush of DOUBT-FILLED insecurities.

        Looking 4ward to the next chpter!!!

    2. What a fantastic story this is, I really enjoy it!!!!

      I totally agree with Billy’s comments but would like to add that I also enjoy the bond between Bette & Shane. Shane is very wise and knows how to make Bette think.

      Bette has built her walls high and it’s up to her to let Tina back in. And Tina must try to be patient and give Bette the space and time she has asked for.

      What outweighs Bette, the pain or the love? Her emotions are still going in all directions, but eventually she knows the answer.

      Tricky what everyone does but who knows, this may be what Bette and Tina need to get closer to each other.

      Finally, I think it’s so funny how Bette talks to herself and scolds herself for doing it!

      • Thank you so much. Yoda Shane is my favorite. I love how she knows exactly what to say and exactly when to show up. She is like Bette’s therapist, holding a mirror up to Bette, letting Bette know that although Tina hurt her, she also hurt Tina which needs to be explored as well.

        They are both in so much pain and the only way the pain will be resolved is if they talk through it. Really talk.

    3. Sorry… I am a little late with this comment. The trick to get Bette and Tina is rather cleaver. Sometimes circumstances just work out nicely that Bette has no choice but to ask Tina for a place to stay for her visit to Vancouver. Maybe they can put a bit of their emotions aside and talk. Really talk about their relationship and what it means to them. Tina needs to be a bit more thoughtful and deliberative in her decision making. She obviously needs to have more evidence of harm before she litterally packs her bags and bolts for the door. And as Bette is so keenly aware, past behavior can be repeated in the future. Tina needs to learn to listen and allow Bette to speak and evaluate what she says based on her behavior. Bette is at some point going to have to accept the risk that Tina very well could bolt for the door without reason again. Acceptance of responsibility for their own behavior and their own responses are key. But they also need to accept that has impact on the ones they love. There will be future problems if these two should get back together…. but these problems can be overcome and repaired with the right amount of work, communication and forgiveness and hopefully to put processes in to prevent repeats. It is going to be interesting to see just how these two resolve their issues….

      Thanks for the chapter.

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