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    End of Summer

    Everybody singing: Happy Birthday Day to you. Happy Birthday Day to you. Happy Birthday Day Dear Angie and Alice. Happy Birthday Day to you!!!

    Bette could be heard telling them to “Make a wish and blow out the candles.”

    Angie and Alice did their now ritualistic act of blowing the candles, cutting the cake, and making a mess as they smash it into each other’s faces. Everyone is laughing and Bette gets it on video while Shane does the digital shots.

    As the party winds down everyone can’t stop talking about what a fabulous time they had and how impressed they were with Peggy’s private beach mansion and her attentive staff. Douglas and the hired servers kept up with the food as it was being consumed almost as fast as it was being served. Manuel and a certified lifeguard ensured that everyone adhered to safety regulations while enjoying water sports, swimming in the ocean or wading in the pool. Martha and the housekeeping staff refreshed towels, cleaned up messes and kept up with both kids and adults to maintain tidiness and order.


    The sun was setting and most of the guest had gone. Now only the family hung around and relaxed, many of them dozing off in loungers, or laying on beach towels. Bette, and Angie were cuddled up on a double standalone hammock.

    “Well sweet pea this was some birthday party. Did you have fun?”

    “Momma I had the best time. This was the best birthday party I’ve ever had. Thank you, Momma.”

    “You need to thank your grandma for letting us have the party here.”

    “I did Momma. Grandma Peggy said I could have my party here all the time if I want to. Can I Momma?”

    “If your grandma says it’s OK, then it’s OK with me. Hey, I saw you playing with Joshua a lot today. He’s getting big, isn’t he?”

    “He doesn’t cry so much anymore. He’s getting teeth and he’s trying to walk. Did you see me helping him Momma?”

    “I did. I think that was so sweet of you. So, you think babies aren’t so bad anymore?”
    “Not too bad.”

    “You know your cousins David and Gina are going to have their baby girl in a few weeks. Auntie Kit is going to fly to Boston to stay with them. I told David to send us lots of pictures when the baby is born.”

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    1. Great chapter!

      Loved the background story. I feel sorry for Peggy that she has a daughter like Helena. She made mistakes and could have been more in Helena’s life when she grew up, but i don’t think Helena would be different, more kind and less bad.

      I always loved the bond between Bette and James and i am glad that they are still going strong.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. So, it appears that Peggy and Bette are both well aware of the risk Helena poises to their well being. Hopefully, Peggy’s plan will be enough. It seems that Peggy is willing to do almost anything to prevent harm to her family. It appears that there are no limits to what she would do to prevent Helena from causing harm.

      Helena has always demonstrated a keen mind and intellect. The problem is that she uses her talents to achieve her own personal purposes and goals rather than in any constructive manner. Maybe she will meet someone in prison and go off to some island in the Pacific to live a peaceful happy life once she gets out.

      I love this chapter. I like that Peggy is getting to know James and Lisa and that she trust them enough to tell her them about her relationship with Helena. This has to be really painful for Peggy to admit that she may be somewhat responsible for Helena’s behavior. Peggy is still in the process of coming to grips with this. Unfortunately, she cannot undo that which is already done. Peggy has now given Helena one last opportunity to change her ways by insisting that she get treatment. Helena’s future is up to Helena now. Peggy needs to forgive herself and enjoy her newly expanded family.

      Thank you for this…..

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