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    Pieces of Time, Chapter IX

    [Chapter 9]

    “So how did it go with Danielle after?” Bette asks while stepping in and shutting the door behind her.

    “I was too busy being upset with her for me to even know, but all that I do know is, I for sure upset her because she left and we haven’t spoke since.”

    “If I didn’t react the way I did at the Planet, this wouldn’t be the way it is.”

    “It isn’t your fault.” I say walking back into the living room. “It was mine, I shouldn’t have told her that she could.”

    “Don’t blame yourself, you clearly panicked.” Bette says.

    I sit myself back down on the floor in front of my plate that rests on the coffee table.

    “Is that your spaghetti?”

    I nod. “Did you want some?” I ask watching the smile in her face widen.

    “I missed this so very much, I barely eat anything that has this kind of amazing taste to it anymore.” Bette sits beside me on the floor. “And I really enjoy eating in front of the tv from the floor.”

    I chuckle at her. “Has Rachel cooked for you?” I ask. “Or does she know how to cook?”

    “She can make amazing fresh toast.”

    “I thought you were getting cooking lessons?”

    “I just can’t seem to fit them in anymore, work just doesn’t allow me to have a life of my own anymore.”

    “How are you feeding our children?”

    “When they get sick of the only meals I know how to make, I call Kit.”

    I laugh and sit my back to the couch as I watch her smile while eating my spaghetti.

    “You should apologize to Danielle, tell her you were frustrated and I made you worse. Tell her you never meant to lie to her, tell her how you really feel, how you felt. She’ll forgive you T.”

    “I just seem like the biggest bitch.”

    “You may be a bitch-“

    My body reacts and I punch her arm and chuckle. “Funny..”

    “Ouch, I’m joking.” Bette says smiling at me. “But you should call her, Tina. And I should get going.”

    I watch as she stands to her feet.

    I follow her to the door and we stand there in silence before Bette speaks.

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    1. cellphone48 says

      Thanks! Just whip her ass Bette and be none with it! Then she will sure as hell move on! Just as long as you have one reader reading you story you should continue to write. Do it for your passion and not for the number of times its viewed. PPS

    2. proteonomics says

      I like very much your story; Bette has to be honest, if she really loves Tina she must commit herself in the relationship, and Tina has to be a little more alpha, shouldn’t wait everybody else take decisions for her, they need to learn to be and behave as equals. Thank you for the chapter. I’ll be waiting for an update.

      Thanks again

    3. trecelovinit says

      Safe to say Bette snd Danielle will never be best buds. Bette and Tina are denying their real feelings.
      Continue to write this awesome story. You’re doing well. I’m guilty of being a silent reader most of the time. 😊

    4. Bibi28 says

      I love every chapter of this story and it keeps better every time! I agree with cellphone, you must write because it’s your passion, not about how many views you got.

      About the chapter, doesn’t Tina have her own mind and control, she seems like a very insecure woman who let other people rule her life. She lies to herself when she says she is not in love with Bette.

      And Bette is still very much in love with Tina, they need to talk and work their issues through and start to act like adults who respect, love and are equals.

      For Danielle, god she is looking for a ass whipping from Bette. I think she knows that Tina is still very much in love with Bette and that she tries to provoke Bette so that Bette will be the bad guy in Tina’s eyes.

      I truly enjoy your story! Looking forward to the next update!

    5. mscully says

      Victoria! I’m here.
      Do not stop, please write!
      I know I have many stories to updates is
      because my work takes me a lot, but I’m updating.
      I like his stories.
      And these two have not yet realized that they can not
      They live far from each other.
      All Stars .

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