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    Pieces of Time, Chapter VIII

    [Chapter  8]

    “what did I do..” I run my hands through my hair.

    “She asked to move in with you and you told her yes!?” Alice says with a mind blown expression.

    “I couldn’t think straight.”

    “No shit, Tina.”

    “It was like I went blank and I got overwhelmed.”

    “Well you better figure out how to reverse this.”

    “What the hell was I thinking.” I say sinking my body into my chair.

    “Tina, doesn’t this seem a bit pushy.” Alice asks me in a concern tone.

    “She just seemed so happy when she talked about us. And I think I’m starting to fall for her.” I say.“But I clearly wasn’t thinking right.”

    “You better hope Bette doesn’t find out about this. You do realize you have to talk with her about this, and don’t forget your children, Tina.”

    “I know, I know.” I say before taking a sip of my coffee. “I’m not forgetting about my children. I just panicked and gave a bad answer. The full night she was sleeping next to me, I couldn’t help but realize how stupid I was when I told her “yes”.”

    “You guys have only been dating for a month, was she not thinking either?”

    “All I know is I need to fix this. I hate that I have to do this.”

    “If she cares enough about you, she won’t mind. But god that woman moves fast.”

    I cover my eyes with my hand and sink lower into my chair.

    “Tina, Bette is here with your children.”

    “What?” I raise my body and turn to see her standing there with our kids.

    “Alice, Danielle is also on her way here..” I say in a panic.

    “You better hope her mouth doesn’t move as fast as she does.” Alice says before sipping her coffee and biting into her bagel.

    I roll my eyes at her before I stand and make my way to the entrance.

    “Hey my little man and my grown daughter.” I say embracing them. “How was your night?”

    “We went to the fair last night and Mama B got sick from riding the rollercoaster with me, sissy and Rachel!”

    I look at Bette and softly chuckle.

    “Go take a seat with Auntie Alice and order your lunch.” I say pointing them towards the table.

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