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    Pieces of Time, Chapter X

    [Chapter 10]

    “What did I say?” Kit gives me a look that if it could kill, I’d perish.

    “I told you before the night started, if she said anything, it was beyond me to bite back. I was not holding back.”

    “I know that she pissed you off, Bette. But you have to learn to calm down more.”

    “She made a joke about mine and Tina’s split and she mentioned my children.” I say. “What was I suppose to do? Laugh it off, you know that ain’t me. So, I did what was.”

    “Why did you lie to Tina?”

    “Because I know that she is happy.”

    “I feel like there is something else baby sis, and I swear if you do this whole thing again. You better think more carefully than you did last time. You have two children that are old enough to understand, especially Angelica.” Kit points her finger at me before leaving her office.

    I fight with myself and my regret of feeding to Danielle’s joke. Maybe she only meant it as a joke and I ended up making it more than it was, or maybe I made things worse by telling Tina that it wasn’t anything serious. ‘Either way, I feel like I have messed up.’

    I open the door and begin to proceed out, when Rachel pops from around the corner.

    “Bette, is everything alright?”

    “Just a little talk with Kit about the whole Danielle situation.” I say. “I’m sorry if I have ruined your time but it is all over and I am glad you never witnessed it.”

    “It’s ok. But may I ask what happened?”

    “She mentioned my children and I kind of went off the deep end at her, it’s my fault. I take responsibility. I just get very touchy when it comes to another person mentioning my children.”

    Rachel begins to walk closer towards me as she wraps her arms around my waist, she looks up at me. “That kind of thing, turns me on.” She chuckles before continuing. “Makes me know that you are a protecter. And it can make a person feel safe.” She smiles as she looks into my eyes.

    She leans in and kisses my lips.

    I pull away moments later. “Let’s forget what happened and lets get back to everyone and enjoy the rest of the night.” I say.

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Bette Will never Be able to leave Tina alone 😃. Their Love for each other is to Big .

      It seems that Tina is still insecure about what she wants and need. Girl, hurry Back to Bette and Talk your shit Out and then they live a very Happy Life with their children together.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Dainty says

      Oh my goodness will they ever work their stuff out and get back together and live happily together. danielle was wrong for running up to Bette in that manner and saying what she did. Whatever the reason for their breakup it is none of danielles damned business. Bette should have cleaned the floor with her. Tina is angry with the wrong person, Tina should nail danielles ass to the wall and understand that Bette is her future, not the idiot. And it was not Bette’s responsibility to tell her the truth what the idiot said, Bette was trying not to make the situation worse. I’m just glad that the idiot told Tina exactly what she said and did, that should help Tina to know she is not to be trusted and she never will be, and she’s too damned pushy and a liar to boot. Tina was right to put her out. Okay, it is obvious I don’t like Danielle. Thanks for sharing this story. I know we have to go through some difficulties with these new girlfriends before they determine that there is no one else for them but each other. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks again.

      • Tory says

        Thanks so very very much for your comment! I loved it! I love hearing from you and everyone! It makes me so happy when I get to read feedback like this! Please comment more and more :) Glad you enjoyed!

    3. mscully says

      Tina did the right thing in sending Danielle out, and I hope it does not come back,
      because she and Bette are denying something she insist on denying,
      they still love each other very much.
      All Stars.

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