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    Pieces of Time, Chapter XI

    [Chapter 11]

    “Where are the kid’s?” I ask.

    “In there bedrooms.”

    “Let me go say hi to them then I’ll be right back down and you are dealing with my presence.”

    “What do you want, Bette?”

    “I want you to realize you are being foolish to throw away something over a little argument that I blew out of proportion. I want you to stop doing this to yourself, Tina.”

    “I don’t know how to tell anymore if she is right for me.”

    “Does she make you smile?”


    “Does she make you laugh?”


    “Does she make you feel loved?”

    “Yes. Bette, what does this have to do with anything?”

    “Does a smile appear across your face when you think of her?”


    “Now tell me how she isn’t right for you, Tina?”

    “What are you trying to do?”

    “I’m trying to make you realize how stupid you are being right now, Tina. I’m sorry but you’re being stupid.”

    “I just hate being lied to.”

    “I know you do, but she never cheated. She was just a bit angry.”

    “I guess I’ve just been a little clouded lately.”

    “Do you know what could change that?”

    “What now?” She chuckles at me.

    “Pizza with extra bacon.”

    “Really?” She chuckles at me again.

    “I’m serious, Mama T! Pizza is the best cure for everyone, let’s have a family night!” I suggest.

    “Fine.” She smiles.

    “I’ll grab the kids and you call for pizza!” I say heading towards the stairs. “Don’t forget! Extra bacon!” I shout before moving faster.

    “I told you pizza fixes everything.” I say.

    “Yeah, yeah.”

    We sit on the sofa as the kids sit eating their pizza on the floor with pillows.

    “At least it takes our minds off of having to watch the same movie Cole loves for the 13th time.” She says chuckling.

    “He does always seem to pick this same movie for family nights every time.” I say.

    “Shh!” Cole says.

    “Oops” I say looking at Tina and chuckling.

    “We are going to put the rest of this pizza away since everyone is full.” Tina says with a whisper as she stands and I follow behind her grabbing empty cans of soda that sit on the coffee table.

    “No matter how many times he has watched that movie, he still needs to every word.”

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    1. Bibi28 says

      Thank you so much for the update!

      The last alinea has me worried, does it mean Bette will put distance between her and Tina, after she visit Tina the last few days, so that Tina will give Danielle a second chance?

      Bette already lied to Rachel in order to spend time with Tina, that shows me that she isn’t that much into her. But she is willing to step back from Tina for the sake of Tina’s “happiness”.

      I really love this story , but i want B&T together :-(

    2. cellphone48 says

      I’m back! Thanks again! Tina feels like she between a rock and a hard place. I not worried cause I KNOW that she and Bette will get back together. They just have to rebuild their foundation with each other. Keep the chapters coming. PPS

    3. Dainty says

      Hopefully, Tina will cut ties with Danielle because she is not to be trusted with anything nor anyone. Dating for less than three months and she pulls stunts that others with more time would not do. Whether they like it or not, Tina and Bette have to admit being with each other is the real answer for them. Bette has already lied to Rachel about being with her. It is just not time for anyone else in their lives. This all started with Tina wanting more money for the family and that is what Bette was trying to do. Then Tina wasn’t happy with Bette working overtime to earn said money, and, of course, the arguments started. Tina needs to make up her mind if she truly loves Bette and I sure hope she does. It is very clear they are not done with each other yet. The love is still there. Bette was trying to get along by doing whatever Tina wanted. Not always a good thing. Thanks for posting.

    4. mscully says

      Starting a new relationship where one of the couples begin to lie, it already shows that this relationship is doomed to failure, and this is what is already
      happening to Tina and Bette regarding their respective namoradas.Nenhuma
      one is happy because they are separated, and they still love each other very much, that’s a fact, sometimes we make decisions that, in our opinion, seems to be the best, that is,
      separation, but when we least expect it, we turn to look at our ex-spouse, and realize that we made the worst choice of our lives …
      All Stars.

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