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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XIX

    “I know. But I told you it was a mistake that I regret sincerely.”

    “Do you expect to be welcomed back by my friends?”

    “No, I don’t. But you can make that happen. I want us to start over.”

    “I can’t start over with you.”

    “Let me guess? It is because of Bette, right?”

    “That isn’t none of your business.”

    “Yeah, I guess so.”

    “Just please, if you see us, don’t come around my friends while we are out.” I demand before walking pass her and making my way back into the resort.

    I stand here watching Tina walk away from me. I decide to head towards the hiking trail that wanders off the resort.

    I make my way up the first set of steps and notice Shane and Rachel appearing from the next set of steps in the distance but they stop once they hit the bottom.

    I distance myself but enough to hear them talking.

    -“I’m sorry if I scared you yesterday with what I said.” Rachel says running her hands through her hair.

    -“No, it’s fine. I’m use to it.” Shane says chuckling.

    -“Wow, ego much?” Rachel laughs slightly hitting Shane’s arm. “I’m serious about what I said though. I know I have no future with Bette.”

    -“But you also know Bette is my best friend.”

    -“Yeah, I get that.”

    -“What happened the other night was both of our mistake. If Bette found out I slept with you, I’m scared she’d never forgive or trust me again.”

    -“It was the drugs, I understand that. We weren’t thinking or seeing clearly.”

    Shane nods.

    -“But I need to confess. When I overheard Bette and Kit talking about how much she still loved Tina, that night I set myself out to hurt her.”

    -“But why?”

    -“I guess I just felt hurt and guilty like I was keeping her trapped. I guess a part of me wanted to hurt her and a part of me just wanted to set her free from me?”

    -“I understand that. But I must say you are strong because most women wouldn’t even think about feeling guilt.”

    I turn myself around and head back down the trail to the resort after hearing the conversation between Shane and Rachel.

    I feel overwhelmed learning that Bette had confessed she was still in love with Tina and I realize that Tina wouldn’t give me a second chance because her feelings are mutual.

    “Are you heading to the fire tonight?” I ask Tina as I stand in front of her door as she stands with the door ajar looking at me.

    “Are you?” She smiles at me.

    “Yeah I was thinking since we only have two more days here that I might as well make the best of what time we have left.”

    “Then sure, I am down.”

    “Great. Then I guess I’ll see you later.” I wink at her before I begin to walk away.

    “You know the kids are still with Peggy.”

    I stop in my tracks realizing Rachel is hiking. “Is that an invitation to come in?” I ask.

    “Its however you want to take it.”

    “You know I can’t turn you down.”

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    1. Hi Tory,

      Just read the the chapter. How stupid is Danielle to expect Tina to forgive her after the way she treated her.?! She fucked up big time and she needs to go…

      Rachel, what can i say? She overheard a conversation and decide that Bette must be hurt by sleeping with Shane. They were both wrong to do that and saying it was under influence of drugs and alcohol, no excuse.

      But Bette is wrong too to sleep with Tina before breaking up with Rachel, but i am a diehard Tibette fan and happy they will try to fix their relationship.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    2. I think this story was very good. Nice introduction of new characters Danielle and Rachel. Danielle even though in her late thirties seems to be a bit immature or really a narcisitic personality. If she had been smart, she would have sat down with Tina and given her a complete picture of the job process would be and the time frame expected. If she was going to have to be on the phone for business purposes, then she should have explained that to Tina in terms of why, how often, how much time would be involved. Who wants to be on vacation with a lover who is using the phone frequently and trying to hide that use after they have indicated that they would not use the phone. Of course it was easily predictable that Danielle would not stay in Tina’s bed for long. I enjoyed the story…

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