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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XVIII

    [Chapter 18]

    -“So I guess that family dinner isn’t happening anymore?” My finger hits send and I wait for a response.

    -“I think we should post pone that, Bette.”

    – “Are we going to be awkward from here on out?”

    – “I think we should just keep some kind of personal distance.”

    – “Personal distance?”

    – “Like emotions.”

    I decide not to response and delete her messages from my phone.

    “Are you coming?” Rachel asks me standing by the door.

    “Yeah, I’ll be right there.” I say standing to my feet and grabbing my handbag. “How are you still hungry?”

    “I have a big appetite.”

    We make our way to the main lobby and our eyes catch a 12×12 poster posted to the dinning room main entrance doors.

    “Dear Pieszecki and Williams guests-“ I begin to read the poster aloud. “There will be a engagement party celebration tomorrow night, July 23rd here at the Ivory- beginning at 8:30pm.” I finish reading and turn to look at Rachel. “I’m surprised we never got emails about this.”

    “I’m assuming she thought this was a better way.” Rachel says.

    We hear voices coming from the corner and our heads turn to see Shane and Tina appear.

    My eyes catch Tina’s.

    “Hey guys.” Shane says. “Whatcha guys doing?”

    “We were just reading this fabulous poster done by Alice.” I say.

    Shane glances at the poster and begins to read along with Tina.

    “No email, that is strange for Alice.” Shane says.

    “We are assuming she thought this was a better way of letting us know and to alarm people that this place is booked.” I answer.

    “Well I guess a party is in store for tomorrow night.” Shane says.

    “Where were you guys headed?” I ask.

    “We were going to head to the beach for a little walk and to get some fresh air.” Shane responds again.

    “Where are the kids T?” I ask.

    “Angelica is just babysitting Cole in the room. I told her we wouldn’t be too long.”

    I nod and smile finally getting her to speak.

    “I guess we should get going.” I say. “See you guys later.”

    “I can’t believe you just ate a full steak and veggies.” I chuckle looking across at Rachel.

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    1. Welcome back Tory:

      This is amazing, seeing writers coming back some with new stories others like you to finish them, feels wonderful.

      I’m sorry all the ordeal you have gone through, but I’m glad you’re back.

      Thanks for this chapter, short but very nice. Please post soon.


    2. So good to see you back to continue this Story.

      Sorry life has not been kind to you and hope writing will be a comfort to you.

      Selfishly I just hope to see another much longer post from you very very soon:-)


    3. Hi Tory,

      Welcome back!!!

      It is so good to see you back! I am sorry to hear your life had so many up and downs.

      I wish for you that life will move up from now on and take time to enjoy and relax!

      As for the story, i am happy you will finish it.

      Bette made a great comment about how they have to go through the hard times and work it out instead of walking away.

      Communication always was a problem for them and Tina walked away before answering Bette’s question. I hope she comes back and they have a honest conversation. It is clearly that they have so much love for each other.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

    4. Tory, Glad to see you back. and no matter how long it takes you will finish .. I left for a while for the same reasons. It gets better and easier I promise. Take your time and post at your pace, we will be here. And I said the same thing when I finished my story I will not post until my next story is completely finished. thank you and happy writing.

      • Hey!! Thanks so much! Yeah life tends to get in the way sometimes from the things we love to do but i’m back! Going to try my hardest to not leave again! I’ve got a new story started called Innocence! I posted the first chapter to give everyone a feel of what i’m going to be writing about!! I hope you get the chance to check it out!

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