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    Private Duty—Chapter 3

    Tina walked into her Mother’s room fighting tears after her talk with Bette. She was reeling on the inside from Bette’s revelation that she didn’t want to be with her until she was over the guilt she carried over what had happened. Knowing she needed help, she decided maybe talking to Tricia to see if she could give her a name of a therapist to see since she worked at Cedars Mental Health Clinic.

    Tricia looked up and noticed Tina was upset then looked at her mother who was sleeping and decided she should pull Tina out of the room and talk to her. She looked over at Alana who had climbed on top of the chest in front of the window and saw Bette sitting on the bench in the flower garden and got excited. She jumped down and ran out of the room with Tricia calling after her.

    ”Alana!..Alana!.. Don’t run in the house!…And where are you going?!” Tricia yelled out only hearing Alana’s footsteps going down the stairs.

    ”Let her go Tricia. She’ll be alright” Tina said sadly.

    ”You want to go talk in your room?” Tricia asked looking at Tina then at her mom who was still sleeping.

    ”Yes. I would like that. I don’t know what to do Tricia” Tina said her voice cracking and tears glistening in her eyes.

    Tricia put her arm around Tina and led her out of their mother’s room down to the room Tina was currently staying in.


    Alana ran out of the back kitchen door to the flower garden and stopped when she saw Bette with her head in her hands crying. She frowned then took a step forward crunching a leaf under her shoe causing Bette to turn her head and quickly wipe her tears away. She smiled weakly at Alana.

    ”Hey sweetie” Bette said as her voice cracked.

    ”Why is everyone crying? Aunt Tina was crying and now you are crying” Alana asked cautiously approaching her. Bette reached her arms out for Alana who immediately climbed in her lap.

    Bette sighed as Alana reached her hand up to Bette’s cheek to wipe away the tears.

    ”Why are you crying Ms. Bette?” Alana asked waiting patiently for Bette to answer.

    Bette smiled and turned Alana around in her lap so she was sitting sideways with her legs hanging over her own.

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    1. No not Dan!!! Run Tina. Just kidding. Tricia is the voice of reason. She makes a lot of sense. Reconciling nine year old Tina with the present woman who has carried guilt for 20 years and loved ten year old Bette but never pursued a relationship with a woman does need some counseling to resolve. I will just settle for Matt? Really Tina? Bette on the other hand has had relationships. Failed relationships. Tina is stubborn and impulsive and Bette gets that already, Sounds like love to me. Love this Bette by the way. Give it time. Like this story.

    2. Thank god for Trisha! She was able to get through Tina and let her see reason!

      Time for Tina to grow up and deal with the guilt and my advice is to solve other character flaws too. Impulsive, selfish, stubborn and jump to conclusions is not endearing and Bette figured her out in less then 2 days.

      Really, Dan!!!! Never liked him, maybe Tina should run or he can recomment another therapist.

      Alana, what a cute girl!

      Great story!

    3. I recall this story from a time ago. It is good to refresh and remember this tale. Thank you for bringing it back. this is another amazing gentle read that has an amazing journey to tell.
      All will end well for these two destined souls. Thank you for taking the time to share. This story is a wondeful read.

    4. Okay, give Dan a chance….. I always found Dan to be a rather neutral kind of guy. I neither liked nor disliked him, he was just there. Since he was not very important to the story…. I didn’t concern myself with him.

      Well, Tina went to the right person for advice – Trisha. She at least listened and the light turned on. Alana is a lot like her mom…. give comfort and advice when its needed. She’s a smart four year old.

      Let’s see how this talk goes in the guest house. Maybe Tricia made some impression, but old habits die hard. Tina best start thinking before she acts… This bit of drama was absolutely not called for. Bette certainly is a forgiving soul.. at least Tricia is in her corner. Hope Dan can do her some good….

      Loving this story….. thanks for this chapter…. love to see more.

    5. Good thing that Tricia was able to talk sense into Tina. Bette and Tina should try to get to know each other like they’d met just now. I’m curious to see whether Theresa will react to the T + B situation once she hears about it. She reacted after Bette’s identity was revealed so I hope for a reaction and some improvement on her condition.

      Thanks for posting, I’m intrigued.

    6. Great start to a very different perspective!
      Tricia sounds like she’s going to be a great ally for them both?
      Are there not any other therapists in LA? ……… can’t stand Dan Foxworthy!!
      Can’t wait to read more !

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