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    Private Duty—Chapter 2

    The next morning Tina got up and went to check on her mother who was still sleeping. She gently patted her on the shoulder to wake her up.

    ”Mom?. I need to check your blood sugar ok?” Tina said as Theresa opened her eyes and blinked.

    Tina pricked her finger and touched it to the strip on the monitor and waited for the results.

    ”It’s good this morning. I’ll wait and check it later to see if you need your insulin dose”

    Tina finished up and kissed her mother on the cheek then headed downstairs to make coffee. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she smelled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee aerating throughout the downstairs.

    She entered into the kitchen to find Bette sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. Her hair was neatly pulled up away from her face and what little makeup she had on only enhanced her natural beauty.

    Tina swallowed hard before entering as Bette looked up from her paper and smiled seeing Tina walk into in the kitchen

    ”Good morning. I hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and made coffee and got the paper this morning. I came back from my morning run and it was on the sidewalk” Bette said taking a sip of her coffee

    ”No. Not at all. I was just coming down to make a pot. Did you want some breakfast?” Tina asked walking to the cabinet and grabbing a coffee cup

    Bette shook her head

    ”No thanks. I had a grapefruit and some yogurt this morning. I usually don’t eat a big breakfast” Bette replied

    Tina chuckled

    ”That’s not what I remember. I remember you used to tear into some bacon and eggs when we would eat breakfast in the mornings. There wouldn’t be a crumb left on your plate”

    Bette smiled ”I remember. Ms. Terry was too good of a cook for me not to eat everything on my plate. I missed her cooking when I was-” Bette stopped when she was about to bring up the time she spent locked in the cellar and noticed Tina’s face fall and quickly changed the subject looking at her watch..”Well I need to take care of a few things this morning. Can I bring you back anything?” Bette asked getting up from her chair

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    1. Tina…Tina! Think girl…. Bette walk into your life 24 hours ago and you want her to start dating you? You want to be with her regardless of the circumstances and the fact that you feel so guilty about your actions of 20 years ago? Your way or the highway? Seems like a bit controlling and unreasonable. Being friends first sounds like a reasonable idea to me. Don’t you want to get to know this Bette…this woman who has been through so much trauma and accomplishment? Don’t you want her to know you? And to be sure that her forgiveness of your actions were well placed? Just making such a request would be seem a bit neurotic to me. Just go with the flow for a while, she going to be your mother’s live in nurse for a while. After making such a demand, some people would call the office and tell them to send another nurse. She may care for the girl you were, but she does not know the woman you are except that you are attracted to her but are feeling the guilt. What if after you have resolved your guilt problem, she does not seem so attractive any more? Hell, you’ve been a straight girl forever… are you really ready for this? Take some time to think about this…do you want to break her heart again?

      Good story….cannot wait to see what happens next.

    2. Totally agree with Martha. Not much to add. What starts in chaos ends in chaos. Take a breath, Tina. All is not black and white. It seems a little of the determined to get her own way Tina still lurks. She can’t change 20 years in five minutes. Is it love or to assuage her guilt? She can’t know. Yet. Interesting way to incorporate Alice and Shane. I like this story.

      • Agree with you and Martha. Tina wants to make up for lost time and “that is the “guilt” that Bette is talking about! She needs to want for Bette to really be healed from a broken heart. Hmmmm

        • Ditto to all of you. Tina’s reaction seemed very teenager-like but I’d say that her thoughts and emotions are all over the place after the revelation. She should go for a long walk to think, sit with her mother and tell her all of what was happening and going through her mind. Sometimes it helps to give voice to the things which are battling in the head. Grab the chance to have an honest friendship with Bette first, everything more will come naturally (or not) when the time is right.

    3. Martha, Billy and DumplinT have captured my thoughts exactly. Tina would benefit from therapy herself to deal with the 9 year old guilt filled little girl and understand those confusing feelings before she embarks on any type of relationship with Bette or anyone. Glad she let Matt go, but she wasn’t honest with the reason why. She’s emotionally immature. I hope Bette’s sense of responsibility doesn’t push her to be with Tina prematurely. She’s got a lot of scars whether she is willing to admit it or not.

      Great storyline. Looking forward to more.

    4. On the same wavelength as Martha, Billy, Dumplin T and BAT here. This is a very nieve Tina and Bette can see it.

      Love the connection between Bette and Shane and Alice and the storyline it gives us.

      Looking forward to more so please post soon.
      Stay safe

      • Agree with you about liking Shane, Alice and Bette’s friendship. She is well aware of the necessity of drawing barriers by telling S & Al that are going to have to find jobs and places of their own after graduation.

        She doesn’t mind helping, but all of them need physical distance. Even Tina has an apartment as opposed to the easy option of staying in the guest house

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