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    Reader participation/help needed writing the next chapter

    Hi all,

    As you can tell this is not the next chapter, but it’s a request to help me with some ideas. I’m writing how Marci ended up in Bridgeport and why. I have some ideas but you all are so much more creative so I’m ”picking your brain” as the saying goes.

    Here is something to consider, Bridgeport and Los Angeles are both approximately 6 hours drive from Las Vegas where Marci lives. Bridgeport is North and LA is South. If she left Vegas why didn’t she go south towards Los Angeles? Who or what brought her to Bridgeport?

    Please write your ideas in comments if you’ll like to help write the next chapter. I’ll work your ideas into the story over the weekend and hopefully post it by Sunday.

    Thank you.

    Please stay safe.


    1. Maybe Marci found out the baby’s father lives in Bridgeport and wanted to ask for his help before contacting Bette and Tina …

      Or she found work in Bridgeport and left with her children.

      Or she has family in Bridgeport and ran away from her mother’ s house

    2. Hmmm. We know Marci is in her third trimester. We know Marci asked Andrea to contact Bette and Tina. We know Marci is aware of Nevada’s discriminatory law. We know Marci has not changed her mind. We know that her being in the hospital overlaps with the bus trip to LA. This presents a problem.

      If Marci had moved across the state line into California to make the adoption easier she would have told Bette and Tina. So I do not think she full out moved. She also would know that it was dangerous to travel on her own. I doubt she ran away. She could have. I doubt it.

      Given what you have written, I do not think Marci was looking for the birth father. Red flag! Equals doubts. Equals potential legal issue. And I also do not think she ran away. If she wanted or needed to leave Nevada I think she would have contacted Bette and Tina. No need to run away. Go to LA sooner.

      Again – do we KNOW she did not get on the bus? I know they checked. But a mistake? Too implausible? Maybe under Dickinson? She had some discomfort and got off the bus in Bridgeport to use a restroom. Someone at the bus station called an ambulance. And now she is hospitalized.

      The overlapping of Marci in the hospital with her supposedly on her way to LA leaves few other viable options.

      If she has been in the hospital a few weeks then she could have left Nevada and been making her way to California. Bridgeport is just across the California line. That is interesting. Is it close to where she was living? Maybe Marci has a friend in Bridgeport? Maybe she had a sense of something and felt the need to get across the state line just in case. Maybe she just needed a break from her mother. No need to worry Bette and Tina. She planned to stay with her friend and take the bus the rest of the way to LA on the scheduled date as planned but then had the complications. This works for the timeline and lack of communication. But if she has been in the hospital longer than a few days or if she out and out ran away – the lack of contact is problematic.

      Because Bette and Tina were out of the loop in all of this and because it was time for her to come to LA – I think her starting out on the bus is still easiest and makes the most sense. If they were told she never got on the bus then maybe a ticketing mistake or different spelling of the name or something like that. It does happen.

      Not sure this means anything – but she is in a private room. That did jump out at me. Some hospitals only have private rooms for situations like this when they are monitoring and trying to stop a pre term delivery.

      Good luck!

    3. Marci was visiting an aunt in Bridgeport the weekend before she was to return home to Las Vegas and prepare to move to Los Angeles for the final month of her pregnancy. She began to have contractions and was taken to the emergency room and admitted as a precaution and to hopefully stave off the contractions. She did not want her aunt to know whom she was giving the baby up to, so therefore she had the hospital call Bette and Tina to come to Bridgeport.

      There you go…. short and sweet.

      • What she said! But I think a friend. An aunt could equal more contact from the mother. And I think she crossed the state line to purposely get into California. She knew the law! She left to get some peace from her mother as she was under a lot of stress from her and felt like it was not good for the baby. Bridgeport was near where she would pick up the bus on the assigned date. I doubt she ever went back to Nevada given what she knew about Nevada law. And given her mother and the stress. Cumulative stress caused her to go into premature labor. She was near Bridgeport. Not to share too much of my story but stress was the reason I went into premature labor.

      • Since Marci was in Bridgeport with her aunt, Aunt would contact mom and step dad and said she was in the hospital. Knowing she was giving the child up for adoption and they had her two boys they have chosen not to go to Bridgeport themselves but will let aunt keep them posted as to her condition.

        • Yes need someone to take care of the other kids. Could still be a friend. I think she crossed the state line into California on purpose. And was never going back to Nevada during her pregnancy. Was Bridgeport on the bus route?

          • Sorry, Mom and Step Dad watching the children… suppose to be a weekend getaway for Marci. Aunt could be father’s sister of someone Mom knows in a previous life but would be awkward to come and stay with while Marci in the hospital… Or it could be her real Dad??

            I think a relative because Mom and Step Dad would trust someone they knew well to tell them if Marci’s life were in danger….. in order to not come, it would need to be someone who they believed would have Marci’s interest at heart. This would not be an occasional friend who lives 6 hours car drive form Marci.

            Bridgeport is looks to be 2 or 3 hours from Sacramento. Closer to San Francisco than to Los Angeles. If this were planned, its way off the beaten trail from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The locations just look like this plan was not intended to go this way. Marci intended to visit aunt for weekend, return home and prepare to go to LA and be on that bus. But she ended up in hospital. She was in hopes of being on that bus right on up to he moment it was not feasible to go to Las Vegas. She drove to Bridgeport in her car.

            Her parents think that she has chosen another couple. They don’t know she has chosen Bette and Tina. In fact she told her parents that the hetro couple was who she was going to stay with until the baby was born in LA. Once the baby is born and Marci is back home, the probability is high that there will be little or no discussion about the baby and who adopted him.

            Remember, the parents met Bette and Tina for only a few minutes – then they had a discussion; later Marci slips away into the night to go meet Bette and Tina at the motel. Perhaps Marci has kept everything from her parents… order to keep them supporting her. Once the baby was born and with its adopted parents, life would go back to normal. After all Marci did not disclose to her parents that the baby’s father was black. Keeping Bette and Tina a secret would now be the next step.

    4. Things got too much for her at home and she moved to someone in Bridgeport who was prepared to help her and her children which did not work out and she now wants Bette and Tina to take on her and her kidsplus adopting her new baby.

    5. Perhaps, Marci reached out to the prospective fathers and they denied the pregnancy or maybe the father agreed to the adoption. With this knowledge, Marci travelled to LA via whatever ticket route she could afford. Going against her parents may set up a battle for custody of her kids. Marci discussed her dilemma with a social worker at the health department and was advised of the risk/benefit results. On the other hand, Marci knew the environment her child might be subjected to by her community; she decided Logan would be better off with Bette and Tina.

    6. Oh my gosh. You all are AMAZING. The chapter is practically writing itself with all the great ideas and different scenarios. You’ve given me a lot to work with. Thank you. I look forward to pulling it all together and posting this weekend.

      Be safe.

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