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    Emma is in her office early on Monday morning when her private line rings. “Dr. Rothman.”

    “Good morning Doc. It’s Tina”

    “Tina. Good morning. This is a pleasant surprise. How are you? How’s that little one treating you these days?”

    “I’m fine. The morning sickness has passed so I’m starting to feel human again. We just had our 8-week checkup, and everything looks good.”

    “Glad to hear it. So, what’s up?” Emma knew it wasn’t a social call, otherwise Tina would have called her cell.

    “I need to schedule some one on one time with you. This week if you have an opening.”

    She checked her appointment calendar. The first open session was on Thursday.

    “I have an opening on Thursday, but if you don’t’ mind an informal session we can talk over lunch today. I’m planning to take a break around 1:00pm. I can get Irene to order something.”

    “That sounds great Emma. I don’t think I can wait until Thursday. I’m rather anxious to talk to you. I can pick up lunch on my way.” Tina offered.

    “Sure, if it’s not too much trouble.”

    “No trouble at all. Any preference?”

    “Get whatever you’re in the mood for, I’m not picky.”

    “You’re taking a chance saying that to a pregnant woman you know.” Tina teased referring to her cravings.

    “You’re probably right.” Emma laughed. “I’ll take my chances. Just no anchovies. See you at one.”


    Tina stopped at a local bakery-café and purchases green salads, half chicken salad sandwiches, and fruit cups for their lunch. She arrives promptly at 12:55 and walks up to Irene’s desk.

    “Hi Irene.” Tina greets Emma’s long-time assistant. “How are you”?

    “Hello Mrs. Kennard-Porter. I’m fine. It’s nice to see you. Dr. Rothman is expecting you. Please go right in.”

    “Thank you, Irene.” Tina walks over to the door and knocks softly then enters Emma’s office. “Hi Doc.”

    “Hey Tina. Come on in.” Emma gets up from her desk and gives Tina a quick hug. “Let me take this.”
    She says grabbing the bags and setting them on the table.

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    1. Tina takes her first steps toward therapy. And Helena seduces another therapist thus putting her into a position of being blackmailed into giving Helena whatever she wants. The prison should put a plexiglass shield around Helena to prevent her from physical access to her therapist. Helena is obviously pure evil.

      Well I hope that Peggy’s preparations for Helena’s release work. Who knows what Helena will do. But she has no money. At least none from Peggy. There could be other sources – savings skimmed off her mother’s accounts, possibly an inheritance from her father, or maybe so ill gotten gains from illegal activities. Who knows?

      The story is progressing along nicely…. love to see more…

      • Hi Martha,

        Yes, Helena is certainly up to no good, but I trust Bette and Peggy will keep the family safe. Bringing Winnie and the kids to Los Angeles, and Tina getting on board to protect Bette and her family is all they need to win against any harm Helena might devise.

        Thank you for reading and commenting. Please stay safe and be well.

    2. I swear to God that reading this chapter at night makes me want to look under my bed and sleep with the lights on. Wear some garlic and grab a cross. A silver bullet and a hex bag. Helena Peabody is the devil incarnate. And she’s back!!!!! Oh good Lord. Peggy’s defense plan may be good but Helena is determined. To do what exactly – and to whom? It worries me (and Emma I think) that Tina says she is ‘capable’ regarding the terrible hurt Bette has endured. Capable of what? Of hurting Bette again? What’s going on with Tina I wonder. She says she loves Bette and her life. She is going to need all of that love and loyalty when Helena comes calling. Because we know she will. What exactly is unresolved for Tina? Does she have feelings for Helena? Tina will obviously see Emma without Bette. Not good. Makes her vulnerable. She is now two months pregnant. Helena could be out around the time the baby is due. And she could happen upon a very pregnant Tina. And we know all about Helena and pregnant women. And we know about Tina and pregnancy hormones. Bette and Peggy – Get Angie, Winnie and the kids and circle the wagons. I hope Bette is able to trust Tina. I hope Tina is able to trust herself. The stars are aligning and not in a good way. I gotta go double check the windows.

    3. I am so with Billy on this much as I don’t want to be ! I always liked Helena.

      Great post BAT look forward to more real soon.

      Back in Lockdown from Thursday here in England so need an alternative World to access .

      Stay safe and well

      • Hey SG,

        Hello from Maine where we are seeing an uptick in cases. Stay safe. As much as I adore RS, and I do, TLW writers pretty much forced Helena into the core group for Bette to have to accept. I always found it pretty bizarre to say the least that after Helena humiliated Bette at the engagement party leading to her contemplating suicide, got Bette fired at her fathers funeral, and took her place during Tina’s pregnancy with Angie, that Bette was supposed to magically forgive and forget everything Helena had done to her. They even united to a slight degree when Tina turned to Henry. The image of these two beauties together on the ski lift at Shane and Carmen’s non wedding kind of says it all. To say poor Bette is an understatement. Still, if you suspend disbelief, as TLW so often did, Helena became rather likable. And I will say that of the characters who totally screwed over Bette, Helena has been successfully portrayed in some fan fiction stories as being a good friend to Bette. But this is BAT’s story – and may I say that
        it is one of my favorites! I am glad Helena and to a degree Tina’s actions and their impact on Bette are being addressed. Simply put – you dance with the one that brung you and this is the Helena we have for this story. And in this story this Helena is a very evil and very dangerous sociopath. Again – be safe.

        • Billy, please stay safe and well.

          Not sure if my recollection is accurate as it’s been many years but I think I may have read or heard somewhere at the time that they brought Helena back as part of the core group to replace Dana’s character which makes it even more bizarre. I hated that Bette was forced to be in her company and everyone else including Tina disregarded how uncomfortable that was.

          Besides everything she did to Bette, she also degraded Tina with only wanting sex when they were in public and on show; the hotel pool, in front of the real estate agent; to say nothing of the in bed when the kids came to wake them up, but the worst was the scene on the balcony when the kids were inside with the Nanny. What if it was Wilson or Jang Yin that caught them instead of Winnie which was bad enough.

          Also how she treated the kids as pawns to hurt Winnie and all her underhanded maneuverings to take the kids away when she didn’t even want them. The way she manipulated Franklin and the board at the CAC, the way they brought Leo in to replace Bette, the way she undermined Tina’s authority at the center, getting involved with Catherine, stealing money, jumping bail – I mean where was any good in that character.

          As I mentioned to SG, I have written a couple stories where she wasn’t evil just misguided to I was able to redeem her character somewhat. I also wrote one where she was never Tina’s lover, she was her business partner and she actually a had a good relationship with Winnie so I don’t always portray her as a monster.

          Anyway I appreciate you supporting the character I have written for the sake of this story.

          • Love your stories and totally agree with all you said. That’s why the Bette and Helena sitting in the ski lift together resulted in a total WTF moment on my part. And like you I detested the way Tina was degraded by Helena with public sex acts yet actually seemed to like it. Who was that Tina? That Alice took Helena in and she was so quickly welcomed was one more slap in the face to Bette. Tina, Shane and Alice visiting Helena in jail with the don’t drop the soap scene? One more example of the writers simply upending a story line. From Bette being driven to contemplate suicide due to the actions of Helena Peabody to light hearted comedy with Tina and crew. God that show was often infuriating. Like you said they should have introduced Helena mid season three post Angie being born and after Dana’s death. No affair with Tina. I am total TiBette but I never saw Tina quite the same. She never really broke away from Helena. Folks keep going back to Bette and the ‘carpenter.’ What Bette endured at the hands of Helena and in many ways Tina was so much worse. Intentional psychological torture, emotional pain, taking away her livelihood, trying to stop her from becoming a mother. Did anyone ever just unconditionally stand up for Bette?

      • Hello SG.

        Sorry to hear you are back in lockdown in England. Sadly this pandemic doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We’re not yet in lockdown in the US but many states are showing spikes and sadly the death rate keeps climbing. Please continue to stay safe and well, as we make our way through another season on unknown.

        As for Helena, I would have liked her if she’d been introduced as a new character in season 4 or 5 or whenever it was when she came back as a totally different likable character from the heartless one we met in season 2.

        I mostly write her in my stories as the bad-guy but I have made some attempts to look at her good side. I’ve written one story where she was Tina’s business partner, and another one where I turned things around and she and Bette actually became friends.

        Granted in this story she’s a sociopath and even at her evilest on the show she didn’t go as far as I am portraying her but she was never a good moral character in my opinion.

        • Hey BAT and Billy,

          Wow touched a nerve there with just a throwaway line!!!
          I agree with both your comments on Helena’s Role in TLW and indeed Tina’s treatment of Bette but that was down to the sometimes disturbing writing.
          I think I wanted and perhaps needed to like the later Helena as she was the sole Brit

          BAT you know I have read all your stories some more than once and I accept your writing of the characters and your storytelling on each one. Please keep writing and, Billy, please keep Commenting

          Stay safe and well

    4. This is one of my favorite stories on this site. I agree with everyone’s comments so far. TLW made Helena have redemptive qualities, but I am happy that in this story, Bette’s real feelings are being addressed.

      • trecelovinit thank you, I’m so glad you are enjoying the story and yes Bette’s trauma needs to be addressed.

        I know Season 1 Bette wasn’t loved by all, but watching how her character was beaten down between season 1 and season 4 broke my heart. By season 5/6 she didn’t even resemble the strong, moral character that we were introduced to and was basically bending to please everyone. Tina claimed she’d lost her autonomy behind Bette’s controlling ways but I think it was the other way around, especially once Tina got involved with Helena and Bette got involved with Jodi. They broke her spirit.

        Please stay safe and well.

    5. Hey BAT and Billy,

      Wow touched a nerve there with just a throwaway line!!!
      I agree with both your comments on Helena’s Role in TLW and indeed Tina’s treatment of Bette but that was down to the sometimes disturbing writing.
      I think I wanted and perhaps needed to like the later Helena as she was the sole Brit

      BAT you know I have read all your stories some more than once and I accept your writing of the characters and your storytelling on each one. Please keep writing and, Billy, please keep Commenting

      Stay safe and well

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