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    Remember Who are You ARE 26

    “Bette. I need to tell you something….”
    Bette swung her head to look at Shane, both hands around her mug for warmth as she searched her neighbor’s eyes.
    “What is it?”
    “Its… well, it’s Lucy…”
    “Just say it Shane…”
    “Well, not really Lucy. It’s her mom. Well, her and Tina’s mom. She read about the incident at the hotel, its all over the news Bette. And… she is coming. Here. She is worried about Eric.”


    Bette stared at Shane like she had grown two heads. “I’m sorry”, she said finally, “but what did you just say? Because unless I am hearing things it sounded suspiciously like Hell was about to descend on us all…”

    Shane grinned despite herself, Bette’s sarcasm was endlessly entertaining.

    “Their mom called Lucy after the news about Eric broke. She is coming here to LA because she told Lucy that her girls need her, and she is concerned how Eric will recover from this… incident. Apparently, they have kept in contact. Lucy is livid. You should have seen her Bette, things were broken…”

    Bette stood up to pace the pool area, not quite believing her ears.

    “Shane. I cannot, will not, allow that woman anywhere near Tina. Under any circumstance. Not in the same house, not in the same room, not even breathing the same air, do you understand me? This is disastrous on so many levels.” She ran her hands through her hair, pacing.

    “I agree. And from what she said, Lucy does too… we all think it is a terrible idea.”

    “I can’t tell you… Chicago, it was awful, Shane. Sitting there… waiting… the clock ticking… I cannot express how horrendous the last couple of days have been for Tina and me. I can’t sleep, Shane. I… well, I keep thinking… I mean he almost… he would have…. And Tina, she… God Shane.”

    Somehow Shane understood Bette’s half sentences and word combinations… “Bette. I know. Or, I think I know. Forget about their mom for now, we have two days. What do you and Tina need right now, today?”

    Bette stopped her ruminating to look at Shane. Yes. That was the question wasn’t it?

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    1. Wow….I believe that would take my mind off of everything…. really a hot scene. Looks like Tina is determined to keep Bette happy.

      So Mama K owes Eric money and it sounds like big bucks. I wonder if there is any legal documentation of the existence of this debt? I wonder what she thinks she will be able to say or do to convince Tina to leave Bette and go back to Bette? Of course it worked once after Tina caught Eric screwing Lucy, maybe she thinks it will happen again.

      I love the way Shane, Alice, Kit and even Lucy rally to the aide of Tina and Bette. They are true friends. Oh and I could use a big bowl of that beef stew myself. Sounded so good. So tomorrow morning early, move to the friends beach house and bunker down. Have Shane and friends move all the groceries to the beach house. No telling how long Mama K is going to be in town.

      Eric better not be given bail. He is a flight risk – money, money, money.

      This was a terrific chapter….hope Tina gets a good therapist and helps her heal.

      Love, Love, Love this Story. Keep writing…very entertaining and a lot of twist and turns….Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thank you Martha! Legal documentation would be a great way to prove that Eric is funding all the extras Mama and Papa K are indulging themselves with…. not a bad idea at all but I would imagine Eric is pretty careful about his wheeling and dealing. Beef stew is a favorite of mine and I wrote this on a very rainy chilly day so while it may not match LA weather, it made me feel better ! I love your comments, and so appreciate the interest in this story, thanks!

    2. Amazing chapter!

      So Mrs. Kennard got a lot of money from that asshole and her debt is to get Tina back to him. She is a terrible excuse of a human being, sold her daughters to him, pimping them out to him. Let her stay away from them, she can pay her debt to him with her own body. She doesn’t give a shit about her daughters. Ugh, i hate her.

      Bette and Tina are fortunate to have such good friends and Kit. They will do whatever it takes to help them.

      The love making was just wow! I hope Tina accepts Bette’s help and support during this tough time and i am happy that she accpeted Bette’s suggestion to seek help from a specialist in these kind of trauma.

      They are both strong and together they will recover from the trauma they both endured. All they need to do is being open to each other and communicate and lean on each other.

      Great chapter BK! Thank you!

      • HAHA! That made me laugh! Just a small matter of a plane. I swear the love scenes are hard enough to write with four arms and two sets of hands to keep track of, let along transportation on top of it. :))

    3. Company jet works just lovely, BK. Just because you didn’t mention their means of transportation or when they made their way back to LA, it still fits perfectly to your timeline. Let’s say Lara did all the necessary arrangements…problem solved :-)

      Never noticed anything else, You are just such a great storyteller and very talented in creating beautiful, intimate scenes that immediately come to life in my mind.
      This chapter is another example for it. It felt like Tina and Bette were wrapped up in a cocoon of love and support by their friends. “wheels of friendship”. Like it!

      My favourite scene is when Bette is crawls back to bed and pulls a sleeping Tina close to her, not only to comfort her wife but to feel safe herself.

      I wasn’t too interested in Lucy at first. But I like her observations on her sister and Bette. Their eye contact, the touching, the closeness. It’s sad that she didn’t manage to free herself from her parents and Eric a long time ago.

      I’m so looking forward to the next part, BK. Thanks for this chapter.

    4. Kiwi, I like it… Lara to Bette and Tina’s rescue (and BKs) by arranging for swift time travel. LOL.
      I wasnt too interested in Lucy either but I started to like the idea of a little sister to remind Tina who and where she was before Bette. Also adds some background to her story. Thank you so much for reading and loving this story!

    5. BK,
      Inconsistencies a prob??? U’re forgiven.

      For me, this chapter flowed. There’s realization of the impact of a traumatic life event, and UNconditional love flowing to begin healing..

      There’s Bette knowing how much lovemaking is a healing in their relationship but also the realization that it will take more than that alone to heal Tina. Having matured, she realizes that another trusted source needs to be brought in to help them both. We see the maturing of Tina when she readily accepts Bette’s idea to seek professional help.

      Bette showed maturity in holding nothing back from Kit and realizing that she needed kit’s embrace AND counsel. I love the banter between these two!

      I appreciated getting details on what the deal has been with Tina’s parents and Ma Kennard especially. Uuugh 😖. They’ve been peddling their daughters as prostitutes to Eric in payment for the shit financial decisions they have made!!🤮🤮 So when Tina bolted (and rightly so), they feared their cash cow would call in the loans, so they offered Eric Lucy as well???🤮🤬🤮🤬🤮

      Anyway, Tina’s maturity is further realized when she tells Lucy that she is willing to help her relocate, but that she had better not reveal any details about where she & Bette will be for a period of time, nor any contact info. Tina is a better woman than me, bc I still think Lucy is gonna slip up and reveal stuff to Mamma.

      I’m feeling anxiety about the predatory work environment that Tina and her female compadres have to work in. Heartless, indifferent bosses at every level who don’t care that sexual threats, pressures and attacks are being daily perpetrated toward female employees in order to “keep their jobs & reputations” in the film & entertainment profession.

      Aaron’s an asshole who condones Eric’s behavior and Palsey is sure that throwing money at an accuser (Tina) will surely solve his problem. He doesn’t give two flips about Tina nor any of the other female employees.

      I think Tina is now between a rock & a hard place,

      Will she have to stay in order present her workplace abuse in a court of law? Hopefully Tina has audio&video capture of Eric’s behavior to supplement the fact that he attacked Tina at a work sponsored event in Chicago.

      Figure that event was probably filmed to be used later in company promotions. Hopefully it will show Tina’s change in liveliness and Eric dragging her off during Aarons’ heart attack. The hotel should have video of traffic in the elevators and halls.

      I fear he’ll get away with the attack bc Tina will be unable to clearly tell what happened after “willfully” drinking the celebratory champagne. His having a ring & tickets to Mexico IMPLIES, that they were in a personal relationship with a marriage proposal & honeymoon expected.

      OR… will she have to disregard the abuse and move on with Peggy’s offer?

      Bottom line, this was a magnificent chapter in it’s spirit and tone!

      BK you’re magnificently skilled at showing the exquisite physical relationship of Tibette.

      • DT – what a nice response, thank you! I like that you think they have matured, I want that for them too, and wish the show could show some growth in these two. There is a lot still to come as Tina comes to some hard truths about herself, her career and who she wants to be. But the bottom line is the relationship between the two which is my absolute favorite and I am so glad you enjoy reading this version. Tina is in a tough spot with her upcoming decision and she has more power and control over her next steps then she probably realizes. Thank you for continuing to read and delivering such an insightful, thoughtful analysis. I enjoyed reading your thoughts very much.

        • The foolishly wretched “divorced” scenario of TLWGenQ has forced Tibetters to seek refuge & solice elsewhere 😩😫. Ta boot they kill off Kit just to bring drama & angst between Bette & Tina.

          You have written such a vivid UNconditional love story that “MAKES SENSE” of two hearts committed toward growing together in love.

          How much time we got to talk about the love scenes? Lawdy, Lawdy!!! Which one of the emoji’s is the one that show blushing???? maybe these 😊☺️

          • HAHA that is the perfect emoji, the love scene just started to write itself – ya know initially I envisioned Tina not being ready for a long then perhaps Bette not wanting to because she was afraid of hurting Tina – the whole treating her fragile thing – but then I thought, nah, No way, go for it.
            And dont get me started on the foolishness of the divorce and that woman Carrie and killing off Kit and (oh hell no) Tina not coming to the funeral. Utter nonsense, rubbish. I dont know what the showtime writers are making but I would write it for FREE.

    6. BK, this about the best thing I have read on this site and I have been here since that start. I don’t care about discrepancies or timelines. The emotions displayed are so good. So the Kennards sold their souls to the devil and made their daughters the collateral. Now the loan has come due. I hope Lucy is being truthful in her decision to stay. I feel like she might just be pawning herself to get forgiveness. The support system offered by Bette and Tina”s family is so great. Shane is remarkable. Keep them safe as you continue this wonderful story. PPS

      • Wow, that is high praise indeed Magic! I have lurked her a long time before getting the courage to write my own story. I always loved JoBadge and Ally of course, Sunhurst and Gumby also were so good. I always liked the stories that captured the emotional connection between the two so I wanted to do that and try try try to explain some of the reasons they made the crappy decisions they did. Some of the background that may have happened to prompt them to hurt each other so much and yet love each other at the same time. Thank you for you comments, means alot.

    7. BK, amazing chapter! I already commented but i didn’t see it disappeared somewhere in the cloud again till today 😔 I agree with the comments made by Martha and DumplinT. I will try to find my comment and post it again.

      • BiBi
        I think I read your comment and responded but both seem to have left for the cloud above. Oh well, I appreciate you commenting and reading as always. Martha and DumplingT both had outstanding comments and I agree with them too!

    8. I’m speechless, that chapter was so good, sweet at times and then so hot, I love your story …

      Oh and bring that bitch mama K, I’m sure Kit and the girls will take care of her and her evil moves !

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