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    Remember Who You Are 25

    The car service pulled up in front of the hotel in 18 minutes.

    There were lights flashing from the two ambulances and four police cars out front. Another three police cars arrived, summoned due to the emergency call for Aaron and ensuing panic by guests, who had flooded the hotline.

    Bette had been texting Tasha, she knew that Aaron was being treated for a massive heart attack and that Tina was missing but that was all. She flung the car door open and was out the door before the car came to a complete stop, handing Alice her purse so she could pay the driver.

    The ride to the hotel was the worst 18 minutes and 23 seconds of her life.

    Tasha would only tell her that Tina had disappeared in the confusion surrounding Aaron’s fall and that they had rushed to Eric’s room, only to find it empty.

    Tasha had left a hotel employee outside his room as they raced to check Tina’s then downstairs where Lara rechecked bathrooms and Tasha spoke to the Sergeant on duty.

    Bette’s long legs carried her quickly from the car past the red and blue lights of the emergency vehicles and into the lobby of the hotel where she found Lara sitting on a chair crying. She leapt up when she saw Bette and rushed to hug her.

    “Not now…” Bette held her at an arm’s length, she needed action… to do something, hurt someone, someone named Eric. “Where’s Tasha?”

    “Here, Bette”

    Bette whirled to look at the younger woman intently, trying to read her eyes. “Did you find her?”

    “No. Not yet…”

    “They why are you standing around down here?’


    “He clearly has another room. Will the hotel allow you to look at the guest list?” Bette demanded, already on her way to the front desk.

    “I didn’t think of that…” Tasha rushed to keep up with her as they approached the desk where the manager was nervously talking to another police officer.

    They looked up at the two women, the police officer stepping forward…

    “Slow down Ma’am, slow down…”

    Tasha flashed her badge, “Sergeant, Sir… we need to see the listing for every guest in this hotel…”

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    1. Oh my god!!! What the hell? Tina is going to love this. Isn’t Eric in Chicago still in the hospital? Under arrest? Why would Mrs. Kennard come to Los Angeles? This woman needs a lobotomy! I cannot wait to hear what Bette has to say to her. I cannot wait until Tina and Lucy tell her their opinion of Eric. This is unbelievable!

      Hope she has enough funds to get a hotel room. Surely she will not be a guest of the Tibette household. And surely Shane and Lucy will not welcome her either.

      You know if Tina had not been found, Eric could have died by bleeding out. So in a way, Bette and Tasha saved his life by having the police look for them and finding them as soon as they did. Tina will probably have to press charges and appear in court. There should be adequate evidence to put Eric away for a while. And if they can tie him to Aaron’s heart attack, then there will be a lot more time. Its probably the same drug he used on his grandfather to get the big inheritance.

      This chapter was well written…very tense and yet very rewarding. I know is going to take some time for Tina to get over the trauma and a visit from mom is not going to be helpful. But I hope that Tina and Bette take some time to heal and get over this and then allow Tina to go on to her new job as soon as she is able. I would expect that she may not be ready to have lunch with Peggy on Monday…hopefully she will understand.

      Aaron seemed to be in bad shape. Hopefully he will recover and will do what ever is necessary to make sure that Eric never comes to Shoalin Studios again. William had better come up with a check or there will be a lot more publicity and it will not be favorable. Looks like all the profits from The Jungle will get spent to clean up after Eric. And they are losing their star producer. What a bunch of idiots. Smart people know who is producing and who isn’t and they make sure that those who are producing are kept content and happy.

      I’m still trying to clam down from all this drama. The more emotion I get from a story, the better it is. This chapter is a good one. Thank you…. cannot wait for the next installment.

      • Thank you Martha! I so enjoy your thoughtful analysis of stories. I did not think about the fact that Eric may have bled to death but you are absolutely right! She stuck him good given the amount of blood on scene and that he needed surgery. They will need time to get over this event, and it could have been so much worse. Not sure what to do with the information that Momma is coming to town, there is nothing good about her arriving on the scene. Keep reading, keep commenting and happy Saturday!

    2. Anyone who would like to call me crazy, feel free but ‘ol Mom is worried about Eric????!!!! She’s gonna try to convince Tina not to press charges against that mofo isn’t she?😡🤬🤯😠. Tina should have jabbed him in the nuts with the cork screw.

      Here’s my crazy thought…Has mama been “F”ing Eric all along?? Y the F is she so in love with him??

      She knows full well how Eric has screwed both girls over the years, and has sat there and done nothing to stop it. Why the F doesn’t she take up for her daughters🤬🤬???? Where is Mr Kennard in all the years watching this ungodly assault of his daughters??🤔🤔🤔🤔

      Tina will need some serious time to acknowledge that she carelessly DIDN’T heed very specific warning to STOP drinking during the Chicago trip. And what does she do, turn the whole glass up and drink it all in one swallow. She’ll need to somehow press from that hard truth to recover from virtually being raped and choked to death as a result. Uuuugh☹️😫😩. AND…

      Will have to deal with the crock of 💩💩💩 her mother is fixin’ to dump on her and probably Bettes’ head (Where were you Bette, and why didnt you protect my baby) 🤮🤮🤮

      • DT you are not crazy! And the whereabouts of one Papa K is a very good question! As a mom myself, I can imagine allowing such a person as Eric anywhere near my daughters! It is truly horrifying. Thank you for your funny response, I got a kick out of all the emojis… I use them frequently myself!

    3. Wow, a great Chapter which left me feeling as though I had lived the whole thing through every character.

      Looking forward so much to the continuance of this great plot. So many outstanding points to deal with, can’t wait!

      Thank you for posting please post more soon

    4. Wow, BK, that was intense! I’m relived that Tina still was able to defend herself. With the bruises on her neck and face she’ll be reminded of the attack everytime she sees herself in a mirror. She might not remember every detail because of the drugs but seeing herself injured will make it very hard to come to terms with the events. I hope she’ll at least talk to Bette about it. Professional help might be more effective.

      Fantastic scene with Bette waiting in the hotel lobby. I felt like I was sitting right next to her. Her heightened awareness of her surroundings, noticing the most random details. Then the moment when Bette finally got to Tina… on screen everything would go in slow motion.

      But how did they get back to LA that fast? Didn’t the doctor say she could go home by dinner time? Okay, could be possible…leaving Chicago at five or six, arrival LA ten or eleven p.m.. Sorry, my love for details showing ;-)

      Tina’s mom needs a reality check very badly. Lucy has to tell her every nasty detail about Eric and she should be forced to hear everything about Eric’s scheming since his arrival at the studio. Send her to Chicago and have her read the police records and Tina’s medical records from the attack. And take William with you, Mrs K!

      Outstanding chapter, BK. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Please keep on writing, I’m anxious to read how T + B will overcome this trauma.

      • Kiwi – I’m glad you like the scene in the lobby where Bette noticed all the small details, I added that because I wanted to focus more on how it felt to wait for news than on the actual events upstairs.

        AND, Holy SHIT on a stick…. I made a huge mistake that I am just now realizing. You are 100% correct, how the hell did they get to LA so fast?? You see I FORGOT they were in Chicago. Face palm moment. There is one line in there about Tina telling Bette to go home and rest and Bette tells her she is staying with her in the hospital. Yeah, completely forgot what city they were in. Geez. I will have to think of something to explain their fast arrival home.
        Thank for reading and letting me know your thoughts, hope you enjoy your Saturday!

    5. Hi BK,

      what a very well-described chapter!

      I am so relieved that they found Tina in time before Eric could do more than he already did. And that Tina could defend herself with the corkscrew. Too bad she could only stab him in the leg, I would have loved it if she had hit him in his private parts and he had become impotent for the rest or his miserable life !!!

      What I also found very impressive is how you described the respect and admiration that the police, medical staff and investigators showed for Bette when she was finally allowed to go to Tina. The emotions Bette felt and showed, her absolute and unconditional love for Tina. Great job!!!

      I hope that Tina talks to Bette and / or a professional counselor about what happened and can deal with the trauma she has suffered. She may not remember everything and that is probably a good thing, but it is important that she does not become introverted.

      And what an incredible jerk is William? A few days or months of rest for Tina and then everything is forgotten ?!

      Not to mention Mrs. Kennard, she’s coming to LA because she’s worried about Eric? !! Both of her daughters have been used and abused by him in a terrible way and she only cares about Eric ?! What a terrible mother!

      hope Bette kicks her back where she came from after the deserved conversation she will first get from Bette.

      A question, Eric is in Chicago and Bette and Tina are back in LA or are they also in Chicago?

      I am a bit confused because I understood that Shane had stayed behind in LA and is now sitting with Bette in their backyard?

      Again, a great chapter with a lot of emotion. I look forward to the next chapter !!!

      • BiBi – thank you! Stabbing Eric in the balls would have been karma for sure! and well deserved for that prick. Yeah, William reminded me of when Franklin came to fire Bette at Melvin’s funeral, same lack of awareness of time and place. Jerk.
        Eric is in Chicago and B/T are in LA. I told Kiwi above that when I was writing the hospital scene, I completely forget what city they were in! Whoops. I wrote from a perspective that they were in LA when in fact they were all still in Chicago. I will have to explain their fast return somehow in the next chapter. Great catch and I absolutely love how everyone notices all the little details – like the police giving Bette so much kindness in the hotel room. I loved that too. Happy Saturday!

    6. WOW! I understand everyones re;fief that Tina was not sexually assault but the damage done to her psyche is overwhelming. She will need a lot of counseling and support to restore her confidence. This Bette will be a supportive partner. Her family on the other hand is a toxic blend of deviance and anti socialism. Her mother should not be allowed anywhere near her. I suspect that Eric had a financial agreement with her to funnel her daughters to him. She is not to trusted or forgiven. I love the way you wrote this episode as not to exploit the violence of Tinas attack but the suspense of not knowing what was happening added the tension. Please keep posting.

      • Magic – YES 1000 times yes. Tina is broken in my mind. Her psyche will need a lot of help to overcome this event. I like your assessment of Tina’s family – toxic blend of deviance and anti socialism – very well said. Are you sure you aren’t reading my mind? So glad you are reading and commenting, we are def thinking alike in this story.

        And you are right, I did not want to exploit or over write the attack and actions of Eric. Much better to post the wait for Bette and the aftermath. Great catch. Thanks.

    7. Glad Tina wasn’t raped and that she injured Eric so he couldn’t get away. In her mental state I can see her blaming both herself for letting her guard down around Eric and Bette for not being there. However considering Tasha was security she should have been next to Tina and Lara also let her guard down. I realize the chaos and distraction with Aaron’s heart attack but they obviously didn’t heed Jennifer’s warnings. They should immediately put a restraining order against the mother, and hopefully Eric is already under arrest and not allowed any visitors in the hospital. Great job building up the suspense without graphic violence.

    8. Wow ,great chapter. I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been pointed out in this chapter.I have been on the edge of my seat for the whole story and loved the last chapter it was so well written. Why Tina’s mom would think it’s a good idea to show up to support the Shit-show is beyond me. Hopefully both girls will finally put her in her place, and make sure Eric is put behind bars for as long as possible. Let’s hope Tina gets the help she needs. Can’t wait for the next character. Please post soon.

      • Thank you OneStorm! I appreciate you commenting, and glad you like the story. Hopefully Eric’s part in the story will be diminished although we have more to learn about what his thought process is and how Mama K fits in to the picture. :)

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