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    Remember Who You Are 27

    When the elevator doors closed loudly behind her, Bette turned quickly to look for the button that would take her to the eighth floor where Tina was.

    Hurry her mind screamed, move NOW. Every nerve in her body, every cell, every molecule, every pint of blood coursing through her veins was charged, the hairs on her arm standing at attention.


    Room 817. Or did Tasha say 718?

    She paused, confused and the elevator started moving up on its own, a noisy clanking noise coming from above that scared her. She pressed floor 7 and 8, puzzled, her hand shaking a little. Floor 5 lit up instead and the doors opened to a sign that said 817 with a red arrow.

    She stepped cautiously off the elevator, into the dim hallway to look around, get her bearings.

    The rooms all had the same number, they were all 817. Every single one! All of them, she noticed as she spun around 817 817 817 817 817… a blur of numbers rushing past her as she turned and turned.

    She ran down the hall, calling for Tina, where was she where was she where-was-she… she could feel her heart beating faster and faster, each beat thumping in her ears. She looked down and her shoes were gone, her bare feet pounding the carpet.

    Every door looked the same, she tried one and the door wouldn’t open, same for the next and the next and the one after that.

    They were all locked, TINAAAA she screamed…

    Her panic growing, she felt overwhelming pressure to find Tina quickly. Quickly OR ELSE…

    She passed Aaron laying on his stretcher, one shoe resting next to his foot as his wife turned to look at her then pointed soundlessly toward another hallway; one Bette did not know was there. And it was the way she pointed, the soundless way she pointed that caused dread to sink to the pit of Bette’s stomach, making her nauseous.

    All the doors in this hallway were closed too, painted red except for the last one, directly ahead of her. The white door stood open at the end of the long, long hall. She ran that way, sprinting now, blood pounding in her ears … the hallway seeming to lengthen and pulsate as she ran, tripping over her feet to stumble but not fall.

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    1. Okay, why didn’t I see this coming? Tina is going to be converted from the victim to the perpetrator. We knew that dear sweet Eric would respond this way, but the police is a different matter. Who will Tina use as a lawyer? And now dear sweet Mom has arrived.

      Suggestion: Bette and Tina – call a cab. Go out the back door and through the garden gate to the front, get a cab and go to the Planet, Once there get another cab and go to the beach house. And have Shane come over and talk to dear sweet Mom and distract her from Bette and Tina. If Shane is not available, Kit is there, she can help. Lucy, go with Bette and Tina.

      Thank you for this chapter. Many of us are getting out into public spaces a bit less, so reading these stories is great entertainment. I was at the grocery store today – many of the fruits and vegetables are gone. The meat counters have little or no chicken available, no ground beef, but lots of pork products and expensive cuts of beef. Cheese and dairy products are low in quantity. Can goods getting low. Bread and Milk are in suitable quantity. Paper products are down. And I purchased a bunch of cat food as well as things which I could prepare over the next few weeks. My meals may not be gourmet, but at least I won’t starve and neither will my cats.

      I warned all my friends to stock up on food, fill their freezer and prepare for a period of time in which staying at home might be a good idea. Fortunately I only work outside the home a couple of hours per week, so my life will not be disrupted very much. But there will be many who will be financially impacted by this virus. And for them I feel badly for. But we must do what is necessary to keep the thing from spreading. My hopes are that everyone takes this thing seriously, uses good common sense and does their part to keep the disease from spreading. Take the advice of health care professionals (and not the politicians) and hope for the best. My hope is that everyone stays well and that we all along with our families get through this without much stress. Remember, you do not have to stay inside your home. You can go to the park and walk or run. You can go for a bike ride. You can grill outdoors if the weather permits. You can work in your garden, clean out your closets or write a story for this website. Make this time a self improvement time for yourself and your family. Of course, if there is illness in your family, then you will need to rethink your time and plans. My best wishes to everyone and hopes that we all come out the other end as better people. Thank you.

    2. Great chapter BK!

      The way Tina cared for Bette after that nightmare touched my heart deeply! They take care of each other instead of turning away or retreat in them self.

      I didn’t like that officer, almost made it sound what happened to Tina was her own fault. And than the pictures that were needed to take, i felt humilated for Tina but it is important evidence. I really hope that Eric will be put to jail for the rest of his life.

      And now dearest mother has arrived and god knows what she is telling that officer. I hope Bette kicks her of their property!!!

      About schools closed, in the Netherlands they are still open, but can choose to close if they want.

      I have to work home till 31 March, we are not allowed to work at the office. And people are buying the supermarkts empty but i was able to buy some toiletpaper 😁

      Stay safe and healthy 🙏🙏🙏

      • Schools here in Alabama closed for three weeks and my daughters in college out until May. So suddenly I have a house full and the stores are empty but we are all healthy so that’s good. What a crazy world.
        Thanks for commenting, stay safe!

    3. I’m with Bibi, great chapter, BK. Intense chapter. Thanks for showing what the Chicago trauma did to Bette. I love Tina’s thoughts on how she has to be the strong one and how she loved that Bette allowed herself to show her fears. They are so much better now as a couple than ever before.
      Bette’s fears and need for Tina was very palpable. I had tears in my eyes. Tina was so sweet with washing Bette’s body, changing her nightwear, the sheets.!

      You really managed to show how they should have reacted to all the awful, traumatic things they went through in the show.

      I also don’t like Wallace but I think I understand the intentions to some extent. Tina will have to be prepared for a trial. Their attorney will voice the same questions.

      Now to the appearance of Tina’s mom. I haven’t decided whether it would be better to dismiss her through maybe Kit or to have Tina confront her. Showing all her bruises. But, no, she is too vulnerable right now. As long as she still is under the effects of the drugs and has only a hazy memory of Eric’s assault her mother won’t accept that Eric is the bad guy.

      Can’t wait for the ney chapter. Thanks, BK, for posting. This site and all those wonderful stories get my mind off all of the things around us.

      Our world seems to be slighty off its hinges. I hope everyone in our little community of this site is well. Stay safe and healthy!
      But what’s a bar of gold when I have toilet paper, pasta sauce and potatoes? ;-) Those things seem to sell out quickly over here in Germany. Now you know what parents will feed their children when the schools close on Monday.

      • Kiwi
        You really summed it up when you said this is how they should have reacted to events all along. I think that is exactly how I am writing them – this is how it SHOULD be. Thank you for capturing that. I am still debating about how to approach Tina’s mom too. The next chapter has not been written. I will probably start tomorrow. But I agree with you on the question of who should face her first – Kit is still at Bette and Tina’s house and Shane Lucy and crew are next door. So comes out and starts yelling?
        Also, toilet paper, pasta sauce and potatoes sounds like a magic combination. Just heard that my youngest doesnt have to go back to school for three weeks. Crazy interesting times my friend. Stay safe, thanks for commenting…

      • OneStorm1
        Great question. I feel like she has still been in contact with Lucy who is now next door to Tina, and she knew Bette and Tina were together. I admit I had not thought that through so much so maybe this will be revealed in the next chapter. So glad you asked, thanks for commenting!

    4. To all the faithful readers of this marvelous story, “ live & prosper mightily”😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 in this crazy, crazy world of ours. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      Sweet, sweet job of capturing the terror Bette had internalized from the horrific events of the Chicago trip. Loved the mature realization of Tina to fight through her own exhaustion to minister to Bette’s paralyzing fear. Bette was correct that she really could have lost Tina.

      E-dog would have gladly taken Tina out ( you know, “if I can’t have you, then NO one will).🤮. Anyway, hope to find out that Tina left more wounds on him than has yet to be revealed.

      Mama Kennard ….
      Unless she visited Eric first and found out Tina’s address from him, the only other person who knew is Lucy. And Tina swore her to secrecy. But gotta believe ‘Ol Mama has 500 voicemail messages on Lucy’s ph which means a lot of pressure on her.

      Hmmmm as I think some more, Mama could have given the police a big, pitiful song&dance and pressured them into releasing the address.🤔🤔🤔🤔.

      I hate for Bette to have to deal with Mrs “Pimp” Kennard, but since she’s showing up at Bette’s house, then Bette has got to deal with her in some measure.😖🤮. I would insist that talking be done back at the hotel. She would not step foot in my house!

      This next chapter BK is gonna be a doozie! I don’t envy you kiddo🤪

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