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    Remember Who you Are 10.2

    Tina shivered then giggled, a sound that made Bette smile in return, “gentle my ass, its utter chaos down there… anarchy in the lower regions… revolution in the… “

    They were interrupted by Lara who coughed politely, Tina turning towards the sound with an unsteadiness as she leaned against Bette.

    “Sorry… umm… Tina, you are wanted…”

    “You don’t say…” Bette muttered and hugged her wife.

    “At the table I mean… the studio table. Sorry Bette, they restricted the seats, but I have you next to Shane on Table 4, I can show you the way…” Lara stammered, looking back and forth between the two women. Was Tina blushing? And the way Bette was looking at her… what is it like… to have someone look at you like that… Lara smiled, these two were absolute perfection.

    Bette winked saucily at her wife, blowing a kiss over her shoulder as she followed Lara to her table, her dress shimmering as she made her way through the crowds. Tina sighed and shifted uncomfortably. She turned to watch where Bette and Lara were headed. She had not been kidding when she told Bette the breeze was creating a… distraction in her lower area. She was throbbing now, acutely aware that she was panty less as she walked away from Bette to her table.

    She was the last to arrive, noticing the only empty seat was next to Eric. At least she could see where Bette was sitting. He gallantly rose to his feet, pulling her chair out for her and helping her push it in before taking his own seat. To a casual observer this was nothing more than gentlemanly but to Tina it grated on her already frayed nerves. Deciding not to address it, she reached for her water glass and let her eyes search for her wife. Bette was engrossed in a conversation with Shane, the two heads bent together as they laughed over something Shane was saying, her head thrown back to show her long neck as she laughed, her hand coming up to touch Shane on her shoulder. God, she was beautiful. God, she needed her here next to her. She placed her napkin in her lap and signaled for the waiter.


    1. Someone needs to lay Eric and his petty ego out on the floor. He is harassing Tina and making her job miserable. He needs blanket a party and Jodie is next. Tina is so passive aggressive to blame Bette. I m glad that Bette called her on it.. What a horrific work environment. PPS

    2. Hi BK,

      I am happy you didn’t go Black Friday shopping but instead wrote this chapter.

      For one second i was afraid Tina was about to give in to Eric! It wasn’t a good move of her to drink so much wine and at the end to lash out on Bette. She said some very hurtfull words and yes whined as a small child.

      Tina is a grown up woman and falls fast back on old behaviour when she is insecure. She can learn from Bette, she has matured so much and was right to tell off Tina. Maybe some therapy would be good for her.

      But i loved how gentle and stern Bette spoke to Tina while dancing and making Tina feel protected at the same time.

      Thank you for a wonderful chapter!

    3. Tina..Tina…Tina. Why on earth would you blame Bette for your bad situation with Eric. Tina has been a strong and courageous woman. Its time to take responsibility and not allow Eric to get away with his behavior. After the 2nd glass of wine, you should have left the table. As soon as Eric put his arm around Tina, she should have objected with something like “Eric, I am not your girlfriend and I am not your date to this event. And therefore I would appreciate it if you would not act as if I were and keep your hands off of me.” He is going to keep pushing until Tina does something. Call him out on his bad behavior. And do it publicly. I recommend a swift knee to the groin! Remember, Tina is planning on creating her own studio and leaving Aaron and Eric to their own devices.

      As to Jody? Well, let’s see what happens to her. Surely she will get her just rewards sooner or later. You cannot keep getting over on people forever. Sooner or later that which she sewed will grow into her reward. She will need something from Bette and Tina someday and they will not hesitate to say sorry, no can do!

      I love the way Bette handled this. She latched on and would not let Tina run. That was what was about to happen. Tina is now having to figure out how to resolve her problems in a more mature way. She still has to tell Bette the entire story about Eric. Brilliant move on Bette’s part. I’m sure Bette was not sure that she would get the desired results, But Bette’s new method of confronting the problem head on and not allowing Tina to run will give more success to their relationship than failures. This is another episode which will make their relationship stronger and more lasting. Beautifully written.

      Love this story bunches. Cannot wait for the next chapters….

    4. Thanks for posting! Reading your latest chapter made this cold, wet and dark winterly weekend much more bearable :-)

      Great interaction between T + B. Not all love, peace and harmony but a few bumps on the way which Bette handled very well. Tina saw where she has to work on herself for the sake of their marriage.

      I’m with Martha: please let Tina find some more self-confidence and tell Eric the caveman to show some professional behaviour. I hope she finds this strenght before the trip to Chicago. And after putting him in his place, she should concentrate on starting her own business.

      Looking forward to the next part.

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